= Merry Christmas =

Merry Christmas to every one. Long time did not update my blog,haha. Just back to Singapore few days ago to celebrate Christmas here. Went back to malaysia for 18 days,really happy. Was busy when back to Malaysia. Guess what,I am not busy for studies or what,but I am busy going out with friends and travel here and there,haha.

Thanks to my parents too. Mummy purposely cook lots of my favourite food,father purposely bring me here and there,haha. Merry Chiristmas to both of you too,may GOD bless you. Brought back a lot of stuff from Malaysia to Singapore,I think my parents are just too worry about me,haha.

Some of my friend came to Singapore to celebrate Christmas. Brouht them to many places such as Sentosa,Orchard Road,Vivo City.... Ate lots of nice food too,haha. It was fun! Thanks to Orion for leading me the way also.haha. A bunch of my friend and me went to Orchard Road during Christmas eve. It was so so so crowded. Alot of people and foreign workers. Unfortunately,1 of our friend lost her handphone that day,pity pity pity.

People there was "spraying" around,quite fun,but quite messy too,haha. i think my Malaysian friend not use to all these things le. Orchard Road quite nice this year,we capture lots of picture,haha.. Every one was having fun,playing around...haha...

Haih....going to get my result very soon le. 2nd semester going to start very soon,busy life style going to start soon ler. I hope that I can pass all my papers,may GOD bless me all the time.

Tomorrow will going to JB and look around le,hope can but some cheap and nice cloth for my Chinese New Year,haha. After that,going to concentrate on my ECA programme,Gambate lo.


Now is 5:52 am in the morning. Prepared to go back to KL. Yeah!! Can go back and see my family le,miss them a lot. Waited this momentt for a long time.

This few days went a lot of places,such as Vivo City ( it is really nice ), China Town,Esplanade,Bugis Junction,Esplanade.Clark Quay,ISC trip... Wah,really went a lot of places. Eat here and there also. Ate at Sakae Sushi,Subway,Super Hotdog... haha,uncountable.

Really relax after examinations. Every one was having fun together. Long time did not play like this le,took a lot of picture too. Will upload some picture after got it from Sein Chyi.

Really happy this few days le. No stress,no worries.... But then a bit worry for the examinations result. A bit stress on choosing next semester's subject too. Hopefully every thing will be fine. Saw Orion working in Subway also,but then he din see me...haha...

Will miss my friend here also le. See you guys next year in NTU lo....

~ Take A BreaK ~

Just finish 4 papers. Haih,really sad for my math when thinking back. There are a few question i do not know how to do. Really scare,hope that i can pass that paper. Math was terrible,Microeconomics was unexpected,Macroeconomics was a bit disappointed,Music Edventure in Listening was OK,now waiting to sit for my last paper,Gene R Us.

My father,sister,aunt and father's friend visited me few days ago. Really happy,they brought a lot of things for me. Mummy is not coming but she asked my father to bring me her home made biscuit,some herbal.... Really nice. I like to study far away from home because I can feel my parents' love more deeply. Daddy,mummy and sis,love you all le.

This 2 days did not study at all,went out with father and sister. Celebrated my god father's birthday last 2 days. We had dinner in Seoul Garden located in Bugis Junction. It was nice,I like it. That day ate alot,super full,haha. Happy Birthday to my god father le,thanks for every thing that you did for us.

Yesterday went out again,haha. Had dinner with my father and sister in Bugis Junction again because I want to buy a electrical keyboard in Suntec City. I was late to meet my father because yesterday was raining dogs and cats,haha. We had our dinner in Ajisen Ramen(my favourite),haha. It was nice le. After that,we went Suntec City. I bought alot of things,such as a electrical keyboard,a Voodoo pencil case and key chain,a frying pan(so that I can cook more different food in hostel) and....

After that,I accompany my father and sister to railway station. Guess what? I took a wrong bus and lost in some where. Haha,luckily an aunty who was waiting for bus tought me the way to the nearest MRT station. Thanks to Orion also. Thanks for so caring,haha. I am alright le,try not to be that blur any more... Haha...

Today gonna study le,exam on thursday. Althought i S/U that subject already,but still have to study lo. S/U means that,that subject will not affect my CGPA no matter what result I get for Gene R Us. To my buddies in Malaysia,see you guys soon lo.

=eXam SiCk=

Few days din update my blog le. Very busy recently,exam exam exam and exam. Just sat for my Microeconomics and Edventure in Listening paper this 2 days. Microeconomics was tough!! We expect there will have some culculation question,but,DON HAVE!!! There is 8 questions,and we have to do 8. No choice at all.... Siao eh.... All question also need to draw graph and write a lot of theory,some question need us to draw more than 2 graph.

This few weeks every tired. Get sleepy and tired easily. Maybe because of study day and night ba. This few weeks also always headache. Few days before this just fainted in front of my room. My GOD!!! I think is blood circulation problem,should be ok. Last time also got once,in Malaysia. Hope that every thing will be fine le....

Really don wan to suffer liao. i hope I can fast fast finish all paper and then go out and play. Haha. My father and sister are coming this Sunday le. Hope to see them,miss them so much. But mummy are not coming,so sad. Never mind,can see her during my December holiday.

Hope that my result will be ok le. Don wan to fail any of my paper.... Good luck to every one who are having exams....


Steph,Happy Birthday to you

Now a day really stress le. Have to study really hard for my final examinations. People around are so hardworking. Luckily,I just did my last Assignment and the portfolio that I need to pass up 12 hours after this. (Now is 2 am, midnight),keke....

6 more days,still have 6 more days,I have to sit for my first paper,Microeconomics. This is the first time i sit for university's examination paper,I cant imagine what is going to happen. Just got my Mathematics For Economics and Microeconomics' quiz result. Mm...Math improve d. I got 13 / 15,but micro still the same, 7 / 15. Ai yo yo ,why cant it just improve 1 mark? At least I will be more happy,haha....

Tomorrow is my best friend's birthday le. I would like to say Happy Birthday to her. Sorry la,this year cant celebrate with you. I will be going back on December. No worries,you can see me soon,sure miss me a lot righht? keke... I hope that she will be happy every single day.

I went to see doctor 2 days back. This 2 weeks always headache,some more very unusual 1. Only right part will pain,but left part wont. According to doctor,maybe it is migraine. She gave me some medicine. If the same thing happen,I have to see her again lo. This 2 days better d. I just scare la. I scare some thing will be happen to me. I always imagine,if there is a lump in my brain,what should i do?? Am I thinking too much? Hopefully every thing is alright.

Still got 6 days le. I know I should sleep early,but then... Exam coming soon,I have to study harder and harder le. People here are just too great. Hopefully I wont fail any of my paper. Please please please...don let me fail any of my exam paper....

=My Life=

Life are kinda busy this few weeks. Final examinations are coming soon. Luckily just complete 2 tests,1 presentation and 1 project. Moving to next assignment soon. Life had been covered by stress stress stress and stress this 2 weeks. Although life is quite stressful recently,but still having fun. Cooking lunch together,study together,stay in the tutorial room until late late at night.... This is my life for this few weeks. I think this type of life will maintain until the end of the examinations.

Just woke up 11am today. Study until 4am yesterday. Haha,long time din study till late late at night le. A bit headache now. I guess will have a short nap later. My dear best friend's birthday coming soon,what should I do for her birthday? Mm...still considering,haha. Missing my friends in Malaysia. Just chat with Mou,heard Mou said that she is quite lonely there. Hope that every thing will be fine to her,and hope that she wont stress herself.

I am happy that Yien was enjoy her celebration in Sunway Lagoon. She looks cheerful in the picture. This is what I want to see from her,this is the Yien that suppose to be. I think Fung are busy preparing her examinations as well. Long time did not see her online. I think she is trying her hard to add more oil le. Good Luck to you ya.

- Selamat Hari Raya Puasa -

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to every one,haha. Although I did not celebrate it with any one,but I am very happy this 2 days. Monday was our AMCISA-MSA area gathering. It was quite fun. Lots of food too,keke,I also got contribute one o,don always think that I only know eat eat eat and eat. There are performance too. Ariel and Lee Hong,Your voice are nice,haha. But at the end of the event,my spec broken,no choice lo,play too much d,haha.

The next morning,I went to Jurong Point with Kwan Hui to repair my spec. After we bought some ingredients for our lunch,we went to Jessica's room. Why? Because today I am going to cook for our lunch with a bunch of friends!! We are going to cook Sambal Fishcake,Curry Chicken Wings,Myanmar Sallad,Vegetable and Mushroom soup. Nice right? I enjoy the feeling cooking,erm should say playing in the kitchen.

The food are served at 2 PM, Walao,that time we hungry until forgot "the feeling of hunger" already. Haha. The food was very nice. Other than that,we have Ice Lemon Tea and fruits after that too. Full until donno what to say. Haha,I really enjoy that day. After ate,we toke some funny picture too,crazy huh? Haha...

Hey guys,hope you all enjoy your Hari Raya Puasa too. Have a nice day!

This few days quite slack, did not study much. Exam will be coming very very soon, but I don't have that kind of mood to sit in front of my table and study. I afraid to look at math. Flipping the text books, I realize that most of the question I also don't know how to do. My brain is blank. I no longer have the confidence to work on my math. I do not wan to fail my paper, end up retake this subject in next semester.

Yesterday afternoon was raining. Yeah, Singapore long time din ranning le. Did you guys like to look at the rain and enjoy that kind of "cooling" admosphere? I love it. I enjoy looking at rain drop on the leaf, on the tree... I enjoy the wind, I enjoy the rain. Lots of people like to sleep during rainning, but I like to think when it's rain. I recall all the sweet memories that I spend with my family and friends. I felt a bit of loneliness here. It is a bit different from what I have in Malaysia.

What can I do? Life move on every single day. Peoples come peoples go. We have to think positively and be strong no matter what. Although I am bored with things that I do every day, but I still have to keep on doing it. Because this is what I chose to be.

Happy Saturday

I was so tired last Saturday,but I still happy for that day,haha. That day,I ony slept for about 4 hours,because early in the morning I have wake up I dress nice nice go to the Students' Union's "Student Leader Conference". I am represence Heritage Club to the conference together with my president and vice president. Student' Union (SU) really rich. I heard every SU event also will provide food,some more not those cheap cheap sandwitches plus teh tarik,but is those fruit tart,bla bla bla for breakfast. After the event,got lunch some more. Not those cheap cheap food,haha...but is those high class de,chicken lar,fish lar,this lar that lar....

After the conference,1 of my friend ask me to go eat "steamboat" at Bugis,buffet style de. Mm,I heard that,it is very famous in Singapore. Every day also full of people. You know lar,I love to eat so much,really cant tahan, Although I am tired,but,I also go with them,haha. But,what other people say are true,really lots of people there. But who care? As long as we have a place to sit and enjoy our food,haha. The food there are nice,yum yum yum.... We grab a lot of food,this lar that lar. I was amaze by the food there. We ate for 2 to 3 hours,and a few girls stading beside who were waiting for the sits stare at us. Who care? As long as I am the 1 who are sitting but not standing and wait. We puposely eat more and more,haha,just to make them wait longer.

After that,we go for shopping around that area and reach my hostel around 11:30 pm. I was so tired and sleepy,haha. I chose to dump all my assignment,homeworks and exams "back to my brain" ler. SO enjoy that day. Buddies,when you come to Singapore,let me bring you to those places k? But,make sure you pay yourself. Blek....


Opportunity cost is the cost we pay when we give up something to get something else. There can be many alternatives that we give up to get something else, but the opportunity cost of a decision is the next best alternatives that we give up to get what we want. Opportunity cost is useful when evaluating the cost and benefit of choices. It also expressed in non-monetary terms.

Opportunity cost is evident in our daily life every time we make a decision. Earlier this year, NUS offered me a course in Arts and Social Sciences and NTU offered me in Economics. After a trip to both of the universities and some research, I decided to choose to go to NTU instead of NUS. I felt that NTU would be more suitable for me. NTU have the better environment, better culture and better locations. I knew that I would enjoy it if I studying here. NTU offers a direct entry into a four years honours programme in Economics but NUS does not. Deciding to go to NTU meant that rejecting NUS’ offer, which was my next best alternative.

I have time on Saturday for the activities of only one club. I decided to join the Welfare Services Club and not the Diving club after getting to know the weekly activities of both clubs. I chose the Welfare Services Club is because I love the feeling of helping others. I am given the opportunities to visit and help those who are in need. I gain enjoyment and satisfaction while learning a lot from the needy when I help them out. Hence, I chose to join the Welfare Services Club but not the Diving Club which is my next best alternative.

We make a lot of major and minor decisions everyday. Therefore, we must understand the cost and benefit for every choice so that we would not
regret with the decision we make.

Haha,this is my second assignment,guess what? I got A- from a "Ang Mo" tutor er,haha. Happy ler.

Starting from now,it will be a tough and busy period for me. It is because,the final exam are coming soon,and my math are still poor as it used to be. I need to spend more time on it,so that I can at least,pass in that subject. I do not want to retake that paper. It is not only wasting my time,it also is a shame. I want to do my best so that I can strike as good as I can.

Not only exams,I still need to do another 2 more english assignment. the title is "story telling". I need to interview some 1 and write a story base on the interviewee's history. My GOD!!!! Ask me write facts can lar,story? ARGH! Other than this,I still have to do a music project. Every thing still not getting on,I was lacking of the "spirit" to do the project.

There are a lot of duty that I need to do for my society as well. I just promoted to be the Welfare Director for this coming "International Game" on January 2007. International Game is the sports day that organize by students from different contries and for every 1 of the school especially international student. I guess I will be busy starting from December onwards. As a Secretary for Heritage Club,there are still a burden for me too. Is my fault to be talkative? Haih,end up,my president and other commitees agree that I will in charge of Laizon,which is the person who deal with all people outside,like teacher this and that. Cool huh? Lockily,there are still 3 more person to help me up. Phew,Thanks GOD.

So,I think I shall try my best to work out every thing ler,especiall yscore well in my exam. Guys,you all will support me one right?

Mid Autumn Festival

This is the place that we have fun during Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Few days back was the Mid Autumn Festival. Every year,I will have re-union dinner with others relatives. This year was different. I did not celebrate it with my parents,but with 1 of my aunt in Singapore. I felt lucky because there are some 1 who cook and take care of me. :) That day was very hazy,but we still enjoy our dinner and moon cake,haha.

The week before that,MSA were organize a Mid Autumn Festival Celebration. It is under "Area Base",means that all MSAians gather in different area and celebrate together. We eat,see performance and have fun together. Haha,we also play with candles lantern and fire crackers,haha. Fun huh?

That day made me recall my Mid Autumn Festival that used to be. Really happy that I still can have fun on that day. At least,i don feel lonely.


2 days back,I just got my Basic Mathmatics for Economics' result. I was quite sad about that. What I got is only 7 / 15. But a lot of my classmate got better than me,opps,not better,is much more better. Looking at them,I felt that I am so far apart from them. I am not as good as them,I am not as hardworking as them,I am not as clever as them.

Yesterday,I got my Microeconomics result. It is better,but I am not satisfied with it. I got 7 / 10. Some of my classmates can get 10/10.cool huh? But,it is not me. I hope that I can get better result in other subject as my math is not good. At least,my CGPA will be better. I know that I cant be "down" like this. I need to recover as soon as possible so that I can really concentrate and focus on my studies.

I feel sad because I feel that I am helpless to 1 of my best back in Malaysia. She felt left behind,she felt lonely. I really cant help her much. I want to "pull" her out from the negative world. I want she cheer up like what she used to be. I want to say "sorry" to her for left her out during the outings. But I also want to tell her that,no matter what happen in life,I will always think bout "the triplet". I wont give up 2 of you.

Cheer up my friend. Life will bring a lot of circumtances to us. We need to learn and over come it so that we can grow and achieve what we want in future. I understand your feeling as I am always left behind last time. Still remember? I can understand it because I am 1 of them who walk through all these. I learn to be strong because I have to...

Take care,ok?

HaPpY BiRthDaY

Just came back from Malaysia. It was a happy and busy week,busy for outings,haha. 23rd September is my birthday,and it is the day that i reached Malaysia,haha. I went out with a bunch of friends to 1U and "cheong k" in Neway. That day was Mun's birthday too. Wow,fun!! Long time din "cheong k" already,some more can meet my buddies. Haha,S. Yian,you still dress like last time during Form 6 wor,haha. After that,we and 7 piece of different flavour of Secret Recipe cake,yumm yumm...

After that day,I was celebrating my birthday with my parents and relatives. We were having dinner together in "Dak Fook". Yeah,can eat sea food,some more all are my favourite food. Receive alot of presents too. Really wanna thanks my friends and parents. They really used alot of effort to plan for my birthday. Thanks daddy and mummy,thanks my buddies.

Haha,I really waste alot of time this holiday. Actually planned to study and revise,planned to do my assignment. But,I went out every day. Went out with friends,went out with parents,meeting juniors,haha.. But really happy can see lots of friends is Malaysia. Really miss them.

Now,I am back to Singapore. Really tired yesterday,haha. Slept till this afternoon 2:30pm,cool huh? Really slack alot during this holiday. Now have to suffer and rush for my assignments. Gambate ya...

Hot Air Balloon

Long time did not update my blog ler. Haha,last Sunday I was so happy. We went to Bugis shopping, eat nice food, and have a ride with DHL Hot Air Balloon! Actually we planned to go the day before,but,it was raining. So,we changed our plan to Sunday lo. It was the last day for the free ride. Lucky huh?

We was so excited. We went for DHL hot air balloon after those seniors (girls) shop here and there. Keke...girls are like that lo. Riding on Hot Air Balloon was fun. We were shouting here and there,haha,paiseh lar. The hot air balloon flew quite high. It is higher than the National Library of Singapore and Suntec City. Wow....we capture alot of picture too. It was really fun!!!!

After the ride,we went to a coffee house nearby and have some food. Haha,it is something like pie but with different flovours. There are peach,apple,arange and strawberry,nice man!!! Although it is quite expensive but I still think that it is worth for it. After shopping,we went for dinner in one of my favourite restaurant "Ajisen Ramen". Wah,I miss the food so much. The Ramen is really nice but it is quite expensive too. Every was paying $15.20. My freind keep on complian,haha,stingy huh?

It is really nice that I can spent lots of time with my friend to have fun here and there. Haha,seems like I am here to enjoy but not study,this is what my father always say. By the way,I received some bad news today ler. My friend's father just passed away and he is now in Penang. Condolences to him. One of my friend could not get her tuition grant,and she decided to go back to Malaysia. Sad huh.. What I learn from here is,we must always appreciate the person around us and think positively all the time ler...

This Is Me

Coming alone to Singapore was not my choice. I do not know why I chose to be here. I do not understand why I wanted to be here. I do not foresee how I can survive alone here. I felt lonely the moment I stepped into NTU. Everything was unfamiliar to me, the buildings, the people, and every single thing.

To protect myself against the potentially harmful uncertainty, I act, in front of parents, acquaintances, friends. I am tired of being pretentious. I may appear strong outside, yet I feel weak inside. I feel unsettled deep in my heart, worrying about every single day spent in NTU, tormented by the possible problems I am going to face, and all these lead to sleeping difficulty. If only I were a little more sociable, a little more composed, and a little more mature, I may not need to worry as much as I am now. Or, am I simply being overly pessimistic?

I am still attached to my life at home. I miss my parents dearly, tears often stream down my face by just talking to them on the phone. I miss my peers in Malaysia too. It saddens me to realize that friends come and go in our life, and it is impossible to be together forever because we have different goals and visions to pursue. Nonetheless, I do not want to feel upset all the time as this affects my studies and my emotional stability.

Since this is the destination I have chosen for my next four years, I must adapt well and persevere through. I must have faith in myself and in the will of God. I will seek strength from the Lord. “Lord Jesus, I need You. Please bless me with faith and the strength to persist on to eventually achieve my goals.” Amen.

*Please read the comment after you had read this :) *

My Uni Life

Some times I ask myself,why I have to study here? Why I want to come here alone and all my best friend in Malaysia? Why don I just study in Malaysia that have better life style and less competitors? Studying here is fun but at the same time there are stress too. There are alot of clever and hardworking people here. Is fun to know more people around the world and that is stress to compete with them.

If I am clever, If I am hardworking, If I am good enough, I shouldn't be worrying this much. I admit that I am not clever and not hardworking. Is hard for me to discipline myself to study every day. I miss my Form 6 life. Although is busy,but I still enjoy it. Friends, committee members, and juniors are always around me. Is really happy to be with them and have fun with them. But here is different. Every 1 is busy with their studies,luckily,there are still alot of chance for us to meet up and have our dinner together.

I always tell myself, I have to survuve in this condition no matter what. This is the university that i chose, this is the life that I chose, I have to do it. I know that, my parents and friends are always care and supporting me all this while. I couldn't dissapoint them,right? I know GOD will always bless me, and I believe that I can do it. Cheers....

A New Day Has Come,Yeah!!!

Yuhoo...I am so so so happy,you know why? I changed to another room already. Can live without dirty place, can live without smelly odour, can live without that fat fat and smelly smelly guy,haha. You know what? That dirty guy can wear the same cloth can not bath for 1 to 2 days, WTF!!!

Luckily that day got some time for me before I tapao my lunch from Canteen 9, and Hall 9 office is just there. I decided to complian and remind the officer to change a room for me. And, she allowed,Yeah!!! My new room mate is from EEE (Electric and Electronic Engineering) Year 4, and he is from Johor. Ka Ki Lang,from Malaysia too. He is so much more organize compare to that "fatty" and much more cleaner than him too...luckily,haha...

Just wanna share something about last Friday's concert. Tong Ern and Fan Yi Cheng came to NTU for concert too. Haha, sure i wont miss this chance to meet with stars, of course. Their performance are quite good, just that the responce are not that well, maybe they are not so famous in Singapore. Never mind, keep up your good work ya, Tong Ern and Fan Yi Cheng.

MeRdEkA NiGht

Wah...long time did not upgrade my blog already,haha. Last Saturday was a wonderful night. We are having a Masquerade Ball in Hall 15 function hall. That afternoon,I was so busy preparing. Preparing my formal attire and tie,preparing my gel,my mask(that i bought in Bugis),bla bla bla.... I wan to look handsome on that day mer,so must prepare earlier lo,haha.

When I reach there with a bunch of my friends,some of the MSAians are there already,including my buddies. Walao,they look so different that night,all guys are smart and girls are pretty. Some of them even decorate their own mask,haha,inovative right? At the begining of the event,there is a ice breaking. Every 1 have their own partner and we dance "in square",haha... After the dinner,we have alot of lame games too. It is happy that most of the Malaysian in NTU celebrating Merdeka Night together.

Not forget about 1 of the "small event" of the night. Ex-commitee member of Malaysian Student Association (MSA) were on stage. Ex-president were talking his speech,can see that he love MSA alot. After that,the new president on stage and introduce the new MSA commitee member,and I am 1 of them. Being award as the Vice President is really happy and chalenging. It is great to have a good chance to serve the association,the Malaysian...

Before the end of Merdeka Night,every 1 were dancing toeach other. Some romantic songs were played at that moment. Haha,I also dance ler,invited lots of pretty girls dance with me,guys out there,don be jealous k? There were some clubbing songs played at that time too. Every 1 was like crazy dancing there,haha... All also got "high" that night.

It was a tiring and exciting night. Really nice to have fun with so many people who are from a same country,hope that there is another "night" again.

Sorry BudDiesss...

Opps...I would like to say a SORRY to my cute and pretty best friend,Yien and Fung. Haha,sorry for lieing bout that "secret" ler...wakaka. If both of you got update my blog,sure will know what happen. If not,both of you will know the truth when I go back to Malaysia ler...keke.

Haih,this few days very "cham" ler. Seldom do exercise,suddenly need to run for 2.4km...ARgh!!!! After that got "Dragon Boat" training too... My whole body is so so so pain now... :( Today is also a bad day too. Just got the reply form NTU's Choir Team and I am not selected. Haih...try next year ler :(

Pan Wei Bo Rocks!!!

Wah...I was so lucky can go for Wilber Pan's concert in NTU. My university cool right? Always got "star" visit us. According to my senior,Angela Chang and FIR came before too. I went to line up for his ticket yesterday. We can redeem his ticket at 12 noon. I went there around 10.30am,walao,lots of people lining up d. My "number" is number 155. Imagine lar,he is so "geng" until lots of people willing to come so early.

Today I went to Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre around 6 pm. Walao,got people start lining up around 5 o clock d,and the concert start at 7!! Wilber is so "geng" until all people willing to queue up in front of LKC so early. Luckily,my friend lining up there already. So,I just....cut queue,wakaka,dont learn from me k?

LKC is full of people. His concert was good,all people were screaming and clapping their hands,of course...including me. Haha,he rocks man. He sang and dance with
Pan@sonic. Quite pity him too coz Wilber just recover from fever. But he sang quite well too. He real people is so much handsome compare to posters and pictures. If got chance,have to go to see his real people ler. I was so lucky cause my sit is quite near to him...people out there,dont get jealous ya. Wakaka...

Haha,before we left,my friends and I also bought his CD and give him sign on it. This CD really nice! Lastly,hope that I will be selected to join NTU choir team,still waiting for their


Whooa,I was so surprise that I met 2 of my church friends in NTU,cool right? I really din expect that I can meet some 1 that I know before this. I met Sarah and Joanne who was same church with me(DUMC) in PJ. I met Sarah during CF's welcome tea and Joaanne in Canteen 2,the canteen that I always hang around with my friends. Haha,Joanne invited me to go for a "Merdeka night" on 31st of August. Yay....

Today are quite tired,because I have 2 lecture and have to do some home work before tomorrow's Microeconomics tutorial. And and and,I have to go for my choir audition at 8pm. The audition was quite exciting. When i went in to the room,some 1 just play some notes from the keyboard and ask me to sing according to the pitch he played. Unfortunately,I got a bit out of tune. Ah.... How can I out of tune? Haih,long time din go for music aural class d. But luckily,I was selected to go for 2nd audition. Yay,hope that I really can join NTU choir team,because NTU choir is great. They just won 2 silver prize from International Competition. According to 1 of the senior,if we selected,we are going to train for 2008's International Competition in Australia.

I was invited to join our Hall 9(my hostel) block's supper. I went there straight away after my audition. I met lots of people from the same block. We chat around and have our ice-cream AT NIGHT. Normally we dont take ice-cream at night,haha. After that,we vote for our block's leader. Right after that,some 1 just splash water from 3rd floor. Oh my God,all of us wet and I am wearing my jeans!! Argh...we decided to revenge. A "War of Water" begin in our block. We were running around here and there,and to other block to splash water to each other. Haha,it was FUN!!! Just like what we played when I was in my secondary school's camp,cool right?

It is fun to know more people around you,and meeting some "old friend". I really enjoy my life in NTU. Althought is a bit stressful studying here,but I still enjoy it. I gain more experience over here. Oh ya,I also have 2 new Vietnamese friend from my course today,keke. Oh ya,forgot to tell every 1,I am doing my Economics in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore(is a cool uni),keke. Mm...gonna sleep d ler,is 1.07 am now. Hope that I will be slected for NTU choir team ler,see ya...

My LifE

Hey,today is a nice Sunday,because I did alot of things even I din go out of NTU(Nanyang Technological University,my uni). This morning I woke up around 10am. After shower,I went to SRC(Sports Recreation Centre) to have badminton games. But then,no freshie there. So,I decided to walk back my hall and get a towel to go for a swim. The swimming pool is quite nice,some more not much people this time(11.30),yeah!! I can enjoy ler...

After 1 and a half hour,I decided to go back to my hall,because this time (1 pm) maybe can get sun burn. When I was on my way,I saw my friend. We have lunch in Canteen @ with some others friend together. Haih,abit boring with Canteen 2's food,keke. After that,some of my friends and I went to a TV room to study,surprise right? Keke,but then study till half way,I fall asleep,keke..

After that,we went to play squash. Yipee!! First time play squash,some more got people teach. Syiok man,thanks to our beloved and pretty K. Fei lar. Keke,is really tired to do so many things in a day ler. That's why now muscle pain d. :( After bath,guess where we went for dinner? CANTEEN 2 again!!! Haih,Sunday got nothing much to eat,that's why we have to go back to Canteen 2 lo,coz near mar.

AFter my dinner,I went back to my oom and do MATH. Argh!! is math!! I din "touch" math for 2 years already,now have to do math again? Die! I really donno how to do. I stair at the question for quite a long time. After that,I decided to get some help from my Sweden neighbour. Haha,he kinda nice. Help me solve and explain to me. Lucky right? Keke...

Alright,that's all for today. Have to prepare for my notes,so that i can use it tomorrow ler..See ya.

AnoTher PoSt

Haih...I was chatting with my parents yesterday. I told them "Yeah,I got no room mate,I am staying alone,I can use 2 bed,2 table....and I have nice neighbour,they are from Sweden and Norway". Yea,I hav 2 nice neighbour,! from Sweden and the other 1 is from Norway,cool right??

I was chatting with my parents about 11.30pm,after about half an hour,suddenly,"knock knock...knock knock". Huh? I was wondering why some 1 is knocking my door at this time. I thought that will be my neighbour. But when I open the door... "Ni hao" He said. He told me that,he is staying in my room too,and he got the key yesterday morning. He is from China.

Oh My GOD!!! I was so enjoy staying alone. But then,some one is ruling my "world" soon. He sweat alot,and he can consider as fat. I smelled something from his body,yuk!!! Luckily,he knew that he need to bath. I prayed in my heart,"Lord Jesus,I pray that every thing will be fine.....".

After he settle down every thing,he went to sleep and I was checking my notes. Suddenly I heard some "sound"...erm,it can consider some "noice". Argh,My room mate is snoring. Gosh!!! I really cant tahan this. He snore so loud and I used lots of time to fall as sleep. I magine lar,last time till yesterday before 11.30,I sleep alone and I really really enjoy that. Now..... Anyway,I must think positively. Maybe he is very inteligent and can help me in my maths. And i wont feel boring coz some 1 is Teman"ing" me here......

My New Uni Life

Yuhoo....this is the first time I write my blog. Very out dated right? Every people got their blog and I don have. Keke,never mind,I can start "updating" now.

Honestly,I really miss Malaysia's life,miss my family,miss all my friends,miss my mum's soup... But then is nice to have a new life,learn more from other country,other culture. Sinagapore is quite near to KL.

I am happy in Singapore to,all seniors treat us really good. During camp,what seniors did,really touched my heart. I had know alot of "geng geng" people from different state,different places,different backgroud,cool right? The camp was fun! W really enjoy it. We went to Sentosa,Holland Village,Chinese Garden...

School started on 7th of August ler. Now is my time to suffer already. I really hope that i can use to the new uni life,learn more English and know more classmate. I can do it de,right?