Pan Wei Bo Rocks!!!

Wah...I was so lucky can go for Wilber Pan's concert in NTU. My university cool right? Always got "star" visit us. According to my senior,Angela Chang and FIR came before too. I went to line up for his ticket yesterday. We can redeem his ticket at 12 noon. I went there around 10.30am,walao,lots of people lining up d. My "number" is number 155. Imagine lar,he is so "geng" until lots of people willing to come so early.

Today I went to Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre around 6 pm. Walao,got people start lining up around 5 o clock d,and the concert start at 7!! Wilber is so "geng" until all people willing to queue up in front of LKC so early. Luckily,my friend lining up there already. So,I just....cut queue,wakaka,dont learn from me k?

LKC is full of people. His concert was good,all people were screaming and clapping their hands,of course...including me. Haha,he rocks man. He sang and dance with
Pan@sonic. Quite pity him too coz Wilber just recover from fever. But he sang quite well too. He real people is so much handsome compare to posters and pictures. If got chance,have to go to see his real people ler. I was so lucky cause my sit is quite near to him...people out there,dont get jealous ya. Wakaka...

Haha,before we left,my friends and I also bought his CD and give him sign on it. This CD really nice! Lastly,hope that I will be selected to join NTU choir team,still waiting for their