Europe 2013 - First Stop, London

After intensive practice for about a month, finally, it's time for us to fly to Europe for our competition. This was my second competition and I felt lucky enough that this is also the second time I went to Europe.

Rayne and I departed 3 days before the main choir cause we found a cheaper alternative through the Malaysia Airlines. Our first stop is London, which is where my aunt stays. Malaysia Airline is pretty good, good service, good entertainment, nice food... But Rayne did not enjoy that much because I was forcing her to practice while we are on our way to London, hehe. It took us about 18 hours from Singapore to London Heathrow which I think it is pretty alright.

We were really excited while we are in London, nice weather, nice environment. Although this is my second time to London, but I am still very excited about the fact that we are in London. First day was nothing much. Had our dinner at my aunt's restaurant, chit chatted a bit and we called it a day. The next day, I met up a friend that we have not met for more than 3 years, Chin Yuan! I went out with him myself while Rayne met up with her friend. Chian Yuan brought me around the Picadilly Circus, Convent Garden, Oxford Circus, basically the shopping area. We shopped a bit and of course, we had lots of nice food and desserts!

I met up with Rayne again near the Hyde Park the next day for our free tour. The free tour was not bad, the tour guide introduced us to some of the attractions of London, such as the Hyde Park, Beckingham Palace, Westminster Abby and etc. After that, we met up with Rayne's friend, Hanna! She's such a fun and interesting lady. She also treated us a lunch at Wahaca, one of the Mexican restaurant is London! Not bad, that was my first time trying Mexican food.

We headed back to my aunt's house quite early that day, because we need to get ourselves prepared and head to our accommodation near the Gatwick Airport that we booked through It place that we stayed was nice, nice furniture and kitchen and most importantly, the bed was super comfy!! Balbir, the owner was the house is nice too, he even sent us to the airport the next day at 5am!

That's all for our first stop, next stop, Krakow, Poland!