My LifE

Hey,today is a nice Sunday,because I did alot of things even I din go out of NTU(Nanyang Technological University,my uni). This morning I woke up around 10am. After shower,I went to SRC(Sports Recreation Centre) to have badminton games. But then,no freshie there. So,I decided to walk back my hall and get a towel to go for a swim. The swimming pool is quite nice,some more not much people this time(11.30),yeah!! I can enjoy ler...

After 1 and a half hour,I decided to go back to my hall,because this time (1 pm) maybe can get sun burn. When I was on my way,I saw my friend. We have lunch in Canteen @ with some others friend together. Haih,abit boring with Canteen 2's food,keke. After that,some of my friends and I went to a TV room to study,surprise right? Keke,but then study till half way,I fall asleep,keke..

After that,we went to play squash. Yipee!! First time play squash,some more got people teach. Syiok man,thanks to our beloved and pretty K. Fei lar. Keke,is really tired to do so many things in a day ler. That's why now muscle pain d. :( After bath,guess where we went for dinner? CANTEEN 2 again!!! Haih,Sunday got nothing much to eat,that's why we have to go back to Canteen 2 lo,coz near mar.

AFter my dinner,I went back to my oom and do MATH. Argh!! is math!! I din "touch" math for 2 years already,now have to do math again? Die! I really donno how to do. I stair at the question for quite a long time. After that,I decided to get some help from my Sweden neighbour. Haha,he kinda nice. Help me solve and explain to me. Lucky right? Keke...

Alright,that's all for today. Have to prepare for my notes,so that i can use it tomorrow ler..See ya.