= Merry Christmas =

Merry Christmas to every one. Long time did not update my blog,haha. Just back to Singapore few days ago to celebrate Christmas here. Went back to malaysia for 18 days,really happy. Was busy when back to Malaysia. Guess what,I am not busy for studies or what,but I am busy going out with friends and travel here and there,haha.

Thanks to my parents too. Mummy purposely cook lots of my favourite food,father purposely bring me here and there,haha. Merry Chiristmas to both of you too,may GOD bless you. Brought back a lot of stuff from Malaysia to Singapore,I think my parents are just too worry about me,haha.

Some of my friend came to Singapore to celebrate Christmas. Brouht them to many places such as Sentosa,Orchard Road,Vivo City.... Ate lots of nice food too,haha. It was fun! Thanks to Orion for leading me the way also.haha. A bunch of my friend and me went to Orchard Road during Christmas eve. It was so so so crowded. Alot of people and foreign workers. Unfortunately,1 of our friend lost her handphone that day,pity pity pity.

People there was "spraying" around,quite fun,but quite messy too,haha. i think my Malaysian friend not use to all these things le. Orchard Road quite nice this year,we capture lots of picture,haha.. Every one was having fun,playing around...haha...

Haih....going to get my result very soon le. 2nd semester going to start very soon,busy life style going to start soon ler. I hope that I can pass all my papers,may GOD bless me all the time.

Tomorrow will going to JB and look around le,hope can but some cheap and nice cloth for my Chinese New Year,haha. After that,going to concentrate on my ECA programme,Gambate lo.


Now is 5:52 am in the morning. Prepared to go back to KL. Yeah!! Can go back and see my family le,miss them a lot. Waited this momentt for a long time.

This few days went a lot of places,such as Vivo City ( it is really nice ), China Town,Esplanade,Bugis Junction,Esplanade.Clark Quay,ISC trip... Wah,really went a lot of places. Eat here and there also. Ate at Sakae Sushi,Subway,Super Hotdog... haha,uncountable.

Really relax after examinations. Every one was having fun together. Long time did not play like this le,took a lot of picture too. Will upload some picture after got it from Sein Chyi.

Really happy this few days le. No stress,no worries.... But then a bit worry for the examinations result. A bit stress on choosing next semester's subject too. Hopefully every thing will be fine. Saw Orion working in Subway also,but then he din see me...haha...

Will miss my friend here also le. See you guys next year in NTU lo....