Every one is happily enjoying their long weekend due to Hari Raya Puasa, except me. Hari Raya Puasa didn't affect me at all because I only have 3 days week. Every monday in this semester is my holiday. =)

5 of my good friends celebrated my birthday on Saturday and guess what, they are all GIRLS...haha.. Thanks Ariel, Sein Chyi, Elainne, Wan Xin and Yi Chin. We had our dinner in one of my favourite restaurant Ma Maison and dessert at Ah Chew.

Ma Maison, Japanese style western food...

They are the "5", I am the "1"

Those are some of the food we ate that day...yummmy!!!!

food, food and FOOD

Once again, my father came to Singapore. Most of my friend knew that my father come quite often and when he came, I will always have a chance to eat nice and good food that I have been craving for quite some times.

This week, what had I ate?

1) Ma Maison (Oh, I love their food especially the Napolitan Spaghetti)
These are some of the food I ate that day. Even though the pictures look dimmed, but the foods still look nice right? They are really tasty!!!

2) Kuishinbou - Suntec City

It is one of my favourite restaurant. That day ate a lot...sashimi, snow crab, lobster, dessert...bla bla bla...omg!!! They are really yummy!!! That day was lazy, so didn't take any picture of the foods.

3) Marche - Vivo City

Had nice lunch with my father and aunt before my father head back to KL. Long time never visit Marche....! I love the crepe, the soup, caramari....yum yum yum!!!

Today is the busiest day in my whole semester. 2 classes, meeting up FYP prof, Rotaract Club Installation (I am in charged of decorating the venue), MSA main comm BBQ, Lao Jiao gathering, P & G recruitment talk...omg... End up i couldn't go for some of the gathering... Sorry guys...