Cantemus 2008 and Competition

There was a special or rather unique feeling when I was on my way back home yesterday. Not because of I am peeping on other people's sms (like what CH did), not because of watching people got scolded (lich CH), it's because of what I was listening. *opps, sorry CH...haha...*

As usual, once I got into NTU-pioneer shuttle bus, I switched on my ipod nano. Was listening to the songs that I've shuffled previously. This song was playing after some songs. "I've been in the storm so long, I've been in the storm so long children..." I was shocked. I never realise that I did sync last year concert songs, Cantemus 2008 into my ipod. This is the 1st time I heard Cantemus 2008's song from my ipod.

Without any hesitation, I played that album. Listening to Pasigin, Katakataka, Yamko Rambe... It was really a very sweet memory when thinking back every thing that NTU choir has gone through last year. It wasn't an easy year for me because I am lack of experience. Always out of tune here and there, scolded by Gerald, nagged by Chin Yuan.. I kept trying and trying. the whole experience is really memorable. I really miss those times where choir are so noisy in Ah Fang, inside MRT before and after caroling, singing together on the way back hall after practises...haha....yea, I know we were noisy...but, cant blame us what, our voice is our instrument, haha..

I miss Cantemus 2008. It was the 1st time I performed in Victoria Concert Hall. Listening to all the shouting, clapping, and cheering was really enjoyable. I was the main lead last year for second half. The feeling of singing and dancing and being the main focus for half of the concert was MARVELOUS! Something that I wont forget for life!

I miss Festival of Song 2008, Czech Republic. It is really something MEMORABLE!! I bet all of us who went for the competition will not forget any single thing of the whole process. No doubt, practises were tough, because we are expecting a gold. Every 1 met each other at least 3 times a week for practises. We had fun, we got scolded, we got nagged, we were bonded together. After so many circumrances, at last we were there in Olomouc, for the competition. I wouldn't forget the feeling when the emcee announced that NTU choir got category champion for our category. It was "undescribable". We were shouting, hugging each other, crying... Yea,,,i miss those times....

Haih, 1 and a half more months to go for our very 1st practise. I realy miss choir very much!!! I want to see every 1, I wan to sing with every 1, joke with every 1....

I am going back to KL!!!

Yeap, I am now at the Budget Terminal, Singapore waiting for my flight that's depart at 315pm. Thank to the bus driver, I have to take cab to the Budget Terminal, she directed my the wrong stop to alight. Ate a hamburger, now waiting at the lobby.

The Budget Terminal is as crowded as usual, but the only difference is, some of them are wearing a mask, including me, haha. Yea, many thanks to H1N1. I just hope that every thing will be alright, I don want to get infected.

Flying to Bangkok tomorrow. these few days, Thailand's H1N1 cases increase drastically. It rises to about 158 cases today. But according to my friend who are working in Bangkok, she said every thing seems alright. There are still as many tourist as usual. So, i just hope that every thing is OK. Like I said, I don want to get infected. So, just pray harder. Stay healthy, eat healthy, sleep early....bla bla bla...


Yo guys, it's time to update my blog again. Were being lazy and addicted to drama and cartoon series, that's why didn't update any thing.

Last weekend was a very fulfilling weekend. Kenny and I went to Malacca, which is his home town for weekend trip. Haha, got free accomodation and drivers, lol. We went there on Friday night and that was the 1st time I saw Kranji MRT station and the customs are so so so super crowded. Lot's of people there. Yea, it was peak period, anak-anak Malaysia sekalian are going back home. We were in Kranji Mrt Station at 7pm, reach JB custom were 9pm, crazy right? Luckily Kenny's brother was patients enough to wait for us and brought us for dinner and drove us to Malacca.

Next day, we woke up kinda early for Dim Sum. Actually the Dim Sum were so so only. Kudos to Kenny's shooting skills, it looks nice in the pictures. Had breakfast with Ivan and jalan-jalan abit around Malacca. Pity Kenny cause he drop his slipper into the sea,lol!! That day we had lot's of nice food, other than Dim Sum, we had nyonya food, cendol and sate celup, NICE!!! Met Nicholas and friends went we were on the way to musical fountain. The fountain was nothing much, like what Kenny said, "the fountain got music and fountain". It means that, music is music, fountain is fountain, they have no link, the fountain wont "dance" with the musical rythm, it will "do" what it wants,haha. Went jonker street and eye of Malaysia as well.

Dim not as nice as what u see...

Took this picture at kampung portugis

The scenery is nice~

That's Kenny's slipper...pity pity...

The cloud and the skies look nice right??

Look at that Ivan, act cute...

Nice Laksa and Babi Ponteh

Sate Celup!!!! Yummy~

Kenny's favourite

With the kids...

Look at Kenny, keep teaching Adrian how to take pictures

Doing stupid pose...

Eye of Malaysia

Doing stupid faces =)

The last day of the trip was nothing much. But, I had a super duper nice nyonya food for FREE! Haha, not exactly free la, it was bill to my Godfather. My godfather ask me to this place named Nancy's Kitchen Restaurant at jonker street to take some stuffs. He asked me to try the nyonya food too. It's not those normal cheap cheap type of nyonya food, it is those damn nice type of nyonya food, haha. We tried. The meal and those kuih were superb, I will definitely go back again!! After lunch, we came back to Singapore.

Nice soup...

Normal Vegetable with belacan

Babi Asam, MUST try!!

Nice poh piah!

Pie Tee...Kenny, remember, the name is Pie Tee..hehe

The donno what Ayam that I had forgotten the name

Today was fun too. Kenny and I (again) went to City Square to shop, movie and eat. Haha, it's much cheaper because we are earning Singapore dollar and spent in JB. Had Kim Gary for lunch, and Secret Recipe for tea break. We watched "17 again" some more! Haha, looking forward for tomorrow's programme.

Slackest day among all

Like the title, today is my slackest day among all the days I had work in MAE office. Basically, i have done all the things that are required. Further more, my supervisor is on leave from today until Friday. The other staffs have nothing for us to do. After checking what I've done for the pass few days, for the remaining of the time, I was MSN-ing, Facebook-ing and Movie watching. LOL.

So, what movie I've watched today? Haha, all are Pokemon Movies, there are Giratina And The Sky Warrior, Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew and Pokemon Ranger And The Temple Of The Sea. Haha...all are damn nice please!

This is the United States title for the 11th Pokemon anime movie and the second movie in the Diamond & Pearl trilogy.
Secpnd movie of the day is Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. This is a animated film directed by Kunihiko Yuyama as the eighth film in the Pokemon franchise. It is a story about the pass, now and the future.
For the 3rd movie, this is a 2007 Japanese animated film directed by once again Kunihiko Yutama as the fourth Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation film, and the ninth Pokemon film overall.
Haha, all these moview are available on You tube. Just go and search, you'll find it. ^wink^

Ding ding ding

Hello, it's time to update my blog again. Recently no home cooked food eat cause my aunt went back to Kl, sob~ But, she will be coming back again on Wednesday,wee!!!

Went out with friends during the weekend. I went vivo with Lilian. OMG!! Great Singapore Sales are making the Singapore Residents crazy. It was so crowded in Vivo. I can see every 1 is queueing to pay. Haha, I bought myself a pants from TopMan. The original price were S%79, now is S$29, so happy! Ate is Swensens with Lilian. I am seriously love Swensen's Salad's nice!!

Visited my godfather yesterday. Treated him a meal. We went to Mel's Place, a western bar & bistro that is just few shops away from my godfather's shop. The foods were not bad, just a bit ex. But never mind, he had treated me very well, treating him an expensive meal is actual nothing from what he had given to me. Before I went back home, he gave me nice peranakan kuih and nice bak jang... I'm loving it!! I love peranakan bak jang, it's so nice...

Today started working again. Haha, I hate waking up early in the morning. But no choice. Whole day din really do much stuffs, most of the time were facebook-ing and msn-ing...haha.. Jia you people!!!