EXAM EXAm EXam Exam exam...

Exam is driving me crazy!!
Have to study day and night
night and day...
I guess this is what I need to pay back,
After slacking throughout the semester.
Coffee, chicken essence, spirulina, energy bar
Is the thing that I consume the most during exam.
Have to wait for another 24 days to get rid of all this
yea....is quite early compared to others
but don be too happy
My papers are on 15,16,17
and 22,23,24
What the heck....!!!
Hope that this year's result will be better
Hope that I can able to finish all my revision on time
Hope that I am physically and mentaly prepared before the papers
Hope that....
bla bla bla bla.....
Jia you!!

NTU CAC Choir Concert

Opps. sorry. It has been thousand or years that I did not update my blog, but at least, better than Anthony, haha. A bit of updates before I talk about the concert. I am quite busy recently due to assignments and examinations. Starting to be a tutor for a primary 5 student, not a bad experience while teaching her, just that she is a bit lazy some times. A bit moody due to some personal problems. I just can not figure out why all this problems will come to me during exam period. It's really hard to get through all this mess. But, yea...hope that I can over come it.

Alright, the title of this post is NTU CAC Choir Concert, so I shouldn't type too much of my personal stuffs. =P NTU CAC Concert was held on the last day of February, which is 29 of Feb 2008, It was a friday during the recess week. So, I stayed in NTU for the whole recess week for practises, rehearsals, shopping and slacking. On that day itself, we had 2 rehearsals before that. The feling was excited, tired and a bit stress because I was the leading character for the 2nd half.

We changed and got ready before 7pm so that we can have some warm up before the concert start at 8pm. Around 7:30pm, the audiences started come in to the Victoria Concert Hall. At that moment, I was a bit "gan jiong" because this is the 1st time that I sing and perform on such a grand stage, I afraid that I will screw up every thing with my always-not-in-tune voice.

After some opening speech by our Mr Emcee, James, we started our 1st song, Passigin followed by Katakataka, both are Philipines folk songs. Next up is Yamko Rambe and O Inani Keke, both are our favourite songs. Our soloist for some part of the song are Adhi and Anthony,tada!!!! We performed the song quite well I would say. Of course what, our favourite song,haha. Our guest choir, CHIJ Lady Queen of Peace performed after our Indonesian folk song. They are about 5 years old to 12 years old, they are really cute. Of course, they sang quite well, but....mm...I think we are better,haha..

After their performance, is our turn again. But this time we are going to sing the 2 japanese songs that we hate the most. Because it required a lot of skill to "sketch" our the meaning or the song. The 1st Japanese song was Akita Obako, quite nice, but yea...need lots of skills, that's why it was quite tiring. Next is Akita Ondo. This song is...AH!!!!!! We hate it the most. There are a lot of part that started with off beat and, we have to rap most of the parts. Memorising the whole song already killing me, still have to memorise which part of the song we have to come in, in the middle have to rest for how many beats, be careful on those weird "ugly-if-stand-alone-but-nice-as-a-chord". But, we still can able to over come it, although it ended a bit weird, haha...After the Jap songs, is the spiritual songs. Didn;t My Lord Deliver Daniel, Go Down Moses and I've Been In The Storm So Long. This 3 songs was ok, but I still like Go Down Moses the most.

After the 1st half, we only have aroudn 20 minutes to chang to out 2nd half costume. We have to dress a bit like retro or in 1970s. At this momoent, every 1 was rushing here and there, wearing their 2nd half costum, change their hair style, spraying golden dust on each other...yea...it was really a nice experience. After that, we were on stage once again, I was very very
gan jiong" at this time, because I am the leading chracter, need to sing, act and dance! Some more they want to make it cheesy and exciting, I was afraid that I couldn't do it. The 1st song for second half was We Go Together from Grease, follwed by Seasons of Love from Rent, Ain't No Mountain High Enough that was written by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson is 1966. Next up was Abba Medley and ended with You Cant Stop The Beat from Hairspray. I would say the 2nd half was fun and exciting, every 1 is screaming and clapping especially during our last pose. Rayne, my partner and I was quite enjoying. We are really "in love" for that night. Haha,,,It was really a nice experience after all.

The concert ended at around 9:40pm. All of our friends include my god father came to the stage and congratulate us. Guess what, i received a cactus and a flower from my friends. Every 1 was talking, laughing and taking picture at this time. Thanks to our Mr Photographer, Jordan for taking pictures for us and the pictures are nice due to his skills and the quality of the camera. It was really a tiring and exciting night. But, it was a bit disappointed as well, I mean for me... I always hope for this "some 1" can be able to make it and come for my 1st concert in my NTU life. Althought I knew that this "some 1" couldn't make it much earlier, but it was still a bit dissapointed for me that night. No doubt, I was not that important and worth sacrificing after all. I thought I had over come it and can handle it quite well, but I still couldn;t do it.

Well, luckily I still have my friends who always be with me... Thanks for all my my friends who came to support me, we try to have a better concert next year. =)