Pepperoni Pizzeria @ Greenwood Avenue

Many thanks to my friend who treated me a nice meal after she gotten her big fat bonus. She decided to bring me to this restaurant which is located at a ulu yet atas place.

This restaurant is nice and decorated with family theme. Furthermore, you can also draw on the papers on your table with the crayon that they prepared while you are waiting for your food, pretty nice right?

We have ordered a Al Nero di Seppia (squid rings, garlic and tomatoes in squid ink sauce), Al Vongole (fresh Venus clams in delicious white wine sauce), Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (Parma ham and rocket salad pizza), deep fried chicken wings and tiramisu.

I love their pasta. It's remarkable especially the sauce, seafoods are fresh too, especially the Venus clams. The pizza is also very nice and crispy. Chicken wings are good too, crispy skin and tender meat. But, I think they still need to improve on their tiramisu. The tiramisu is very normal to me.

Overall, it's really a nice place with great food. I had a great time there with my friend.

たも屋うどん @ Liang Court :)

Yes, at last I managed to get their free coupon! It is always running out fast! The free item this time is chikuwa.

This is my third time to Tamoya and I'm still very excited about their udon. I had Kama-tama this time, its udon mixing with soft boiled egg. I wanted to try shiitake mushrooms this time, but I couldn't resist when I walk by the tempura prawns. It's my all time favorite. In the end I had chikuwa, shiitake mushrooms and tempura prawn. Yumssss...

The Kama-tama is very nice especially mixing with the bukkake soup and spring unions. The udon is chewy and tasty as usual. After mixing with soft boiled egg, it makes the udon smoother...slurrrp..

But 1 thing that I'm very surprised is, there is no queue for the udon. For me, such a fantastic udon should have more people queue-ing up for it! Maybe not many people knows Tamoya yet? Maybe Tamoya should have more promotions like giving out more coupons, 1 for 1 udon and etc to boost up their name!

I will definitely go back again and hoping that Tamoya has more and more people going for their fantastic udon!

たも屋うどん @ Liang Court

For a person who don't really like udon, Tamoya's udon really surprised me. The udon is chewy and not like any other udon that you eat at other places. The udon here taste different and more tasty! The soup is nice serving with seaweed and spring unions.

I've ordered a bowl of kake udon with tempura prawns while my friends ordered pork kake udon with some other tempura as well. We love it! Not only the udon taste good, their tempuras are delicious too, especially the tempura prawns. It is so crispy and fresh.

I will definitely go back again. Luckily my office is just beside Liang Court. :p

Itacho @ Ion Orchard

Many people said its a bit over rated, but who cares? I enjoyed myself the most when eating sushi here.

As usual, the queue was long after working hours. We have waited for about half an hour. The waitress guides us in politely. I have forgotten her name but I was very satisfied with her service just now. The table was a bit small for 5 of us but she tried every single way to make all of us sit there comfortably.

The foods served fast. The sashimi was fresh and today is the very first time I have wagyu sushi and it was yummy!!! Here are some of the pictures but not all yet because I was busy enjoying my sushi. :p

ちくわ亭 @ Muhammad Sultan Road

TGIF! Today is great day, not only because its a Friday, but also a China holiday. Means that we can be damn "eng" today. No deadlines for us!

Although I need to save money for my trip in June, but don care. I shall enjoy today first. Here are the pictures! :p