Hot Air Balloon

Long time did not update my blog ler. Haha,last Sunday I was so happy. We went to Bugis shopping, eat nice food, and have a ride with DHL Hot Air Balloon! Actually we planned to go the day before,but,it was raining. So,we changed our plan to Sunday lo. It was the last day for the free ride. Lucky huh?

We was so excited. We went for DHL hot air balloon after those seniors (girls) shop here and there. Keke...girls are like that lo. Riding on Hot Air Balloon was fun. We were shouting here and there,haha,paiseh lar. The hot air balloon flew quite high. It is higher than the National Library of Singapore and Suntec City. Wow....we capture alot of picture too. It was really fun!!!!

After the ride,we went to a coffee house nearby and have some food. Haha,it is something like pie but with different flovours. There are peach,apple,arange and strawberry,nice man!!! Although it is quite expensive but I still think that it is worth for it. After shopping,we went for dinner in one of my favourite restaurant "Ajisen Ramen". Wah,I miss the food so much. The Ramen is really nice but it is quite expensive too. Every was paying $15.20. My freind keep on complian,haha,stingy huh?

It is really nice that I can spent lots of time with my friend to have fun here and there. Haha,seems like I am here to enjoy but not study,this is what my father always say. By the way,I received some bad news today ler. My friend's father just passed away and he is now in Penang. Condolences to him. One of my friend could not get her tuition grant,and she decided to go back to Malaysia. Sad huh.. What I learn from here is,we must always appreciate the person around us and think positively all the time ler...


StePhZz said...

haha... now that u are back in malaysia, have fun e?

ViNcenT said...

Haha...yea,of course. Thanks for all the things that you guys did for me. I like that HP T-shirt too,I lik ethe process...haha. :)