This few days quite slack, did not study much. Exam will be coming very very soon, but I don't have that kind of mood to sit in front of my table and study. I afraid to look at math. Flipping the text books, I realize that most of the question I also don't know how to do. My brain is blank. I no longer have the confidence to work on my math. I do not wan to fail my paper, end up retake this subject in next semester.

Yesterday afternoon was raining. Yeah, Singapore long time din ranning le. Did you guys like to look at the rain and enjoy that kind of "cooling" admosphere? I love it. I enjoy looking at rain drop on the leaf, on the tree... I enjoy the wind, I enjoy the rain. Lots of people like to sleep during rainning, but I like to think when it's rain. I recall all the sweet memories that I spend with my family and friends. I felt a bit of loneliness here. It is a bit different from what I have in Malaysia.

What can I do? Life move on every single day. Peoples come peoples go. We have to think positively and be strong no matter what. Although I am bored with things that I do every day, but I still have to keep on doing it. Because this is what I chose to be.