Today is the worst day ever, although I gave myself more time to prepare.

Yellowstone - Old Faithful

Just came back from 3 hours of hiking. Wanted to go to the Faries Falls, but failed. Because the track was closed because bears and bisons might be there in groups. It is dangerous for hiker to hike. Along the way, saw lot's of geysers, pine trees and dead tress. The weather was great, cooling yet not too cold. The journey was kinda far, we keep walking walking and walking. Luckily, we brought our lunch along or else, we will starve. Ended up, we realise that the journey back will be damn long if we walk back. Guess what we did? We hitch hiked. Hehe, it was fun!!! There's this very good couple fetch 5 of us back to old faithful again. Thank GOD!

These days were fun. Kept hiking and sight seeing. The scenery here really nice. It makes us relax and of course, it makes us emo too. Was emo for the pass few days, still ok. It takes time. Slowly it will be alright... Hopefully...


Cool weather, nice scenery, full of wild life...Yeah, this is Yellowtone, A place that I am going to spend for the next 10 weeks. Snows are every where, freaking cold some times, even my ears will feel pain when I walk from 1 building to another. Starting to work tomorrow, still don't know what to expect yet. Hope for the best. =)

Some Updates

I am writing this post in Denver International Airport. Have been traveled for the pass 24 hours. I reached Changi Airport at 4:30am yesterday (Singapore time) due to "some one" disturbing us last night in chalet. My flight to Tokyo was 7:10am (Singapore time). Butt damn pain whole day. Now still need to wait here for 7 hours for my next flight to Bozeman. Yawn..... still donno what to expect for my WAT program...hopefully everything is great!

Finally, it's the end of my degree life in Nanyang Technological Univerty. It's time for me to work and try out something different. I still couldn't believe that this 4 years over that fast! I am still not ready to face the reality yet. There are still many uncertainty, about job, about my future, about...

There will be many things and people that I will miss. Of course, there are still things that people that I need to forget. It's time to put a "full stop" for my university life and start a new paragraph on my future, my career. I am still looking for a job. Hopefully GOD has mercy enough to give me something I like, and I want.

I will be flying off to USA this coming Sunday. I guess this is a good time for me to really think about what do I want to achieve in future. Hopefully when I come back on 25th July, I will be pretty sure on what I want to be. =)