Opportunity cost is the cost we pay when we give up something to get something else. There can be many alternatives that we give up to get something else, but the opportunity cost of a decision is the next best alternatives that we give up to get what we want. Opportunity cost is useful when evaluating the cost and benefit of choices. It also expressed in non-monetary terms.

Opportunity cost is evident in our daily life every time we make a decision. Earlier this year, NUS offered me a course in Arts and Social Sciences and NTU offered me in Economics. After a trip to both of the universities and some research, I decided to choose to go to NTU instead of NUS. I felt that NTU would be more suitable for me. NTU have the better environment, better culture and better locations. I knew that I would enjoy it if I studying here. NTU offers a direct entry into a four years honours programme in Economics but NUS does not. Deciding to go to NTU meant that rejecting NUS’ offer, which was my next best alternative.

I have time on Saturday for the activities of only one club. I decided to join the Welfare Services Club and not the Diving club after getting to know the weekly activities of both clubs. I chose the Welfare Services Club is because I love the feeling of helping others. I am given the opportunities to visit and help those who are in need. I gain enjoyment and satisfaction while learning a lot from the needy when I help them out. Hence, I chose to join the Welfare Services Club but not the Diving Club which is my next best alternative.

We make a lot of major and minor decisions everyday. Therefore, we must understand the cost and benefit for every choice so that we would not
regret with the decision we make.

Haha,this is my second assignment,guess what? I got A- from a "Ang Mo" tutor er,haha. Happy ler.

Starting from now,it will be a tough and busy period for me. It is because,the final exam are coming soon,and my math are still poor as it used to be. I need to spend more time on it,so that I can at least,pass in that subject. I do not want to retake that paper. It is not only wasting my time,it also is a shame. I want to do my best so that I can strike as good as I can.

Not only exams,I still need to do another 2 more english assignment. the title is "story telling". I need to interview some 1 and write a story base on the interviewee's history. My GOD!!!! Ask me write facts can lar,story? ARGH! Other than this,I still have to do a music project. Every thing still not getting on,I was lacking of the "spirit" to do the project.

There are a lot of duty that I need to do for my society as well. I just promoted to be the Welfare Director for this coming "International Game" on January 2007. International Game is the sports day that organize by students from different contries and for every 1 of the school especially international student. I guess I will be busy starting from December onwards. As a Secretary for Heritage Club,there are still a burden for me too. Is my fault to be talkative? Haih,end up,my president and other commitees agree that I will in charge of Laizon,which is the person who deal with all people outside,like teacher this and that. Cool huh? Lockily,there are still 3 more person to help me up. Phew,Thanks GOD.

So,I think I shall try my best to work out every thing ler,especiall yscore well in my exam. Guys,you all will support me one right?


Esther Sam said...

hey..showing off la..noe tat u very active la..of course i worry u but i worry u oso coz u take part in so many activities n play important role in those u still hav enough time to study n concentrate in ur exam? wishes to u n gambateh~

p/s: obviously..u r too talkative! very noisy ler.. ahaha!