Yep, exam had over for about 5 days. This few days really enjoyed a lot, haha... Father and sister came to Singapore during the day I seat for my last paper. That day was my god father's birthday too. So, we had dinner at Kuishinbou...yummy....my favourite japanese buffet restaurant.

The next day, went out shopping with my sister. Had our tea time at Marche, another favourite restaurant, haha... The next day, met with my aunts and uncles together with my dad and sis in Bugis Junction. Had lunch at Ajisen Ramen, another favourite restaurant of mind. After that, we had nice dinner at Orchard Road. Hehe...Father really nice, purposely bring me to all my favourite restaurant after my exam. Bout me jacket and bed sheet too, hehe...

These are some pictures that I took on that day... =)

A New Day Has Come

Finally, no more exam, yeah, it's FINALLY!!!!

But the paper jsut now kinda f*** up la. It was an open book paper. Tutor said that the answer is all inside. But, there is 1 question, I can not even find it in all the journal. It's not I din read the journal, it's just that we din even learn that topic!!

The Asian Financial Crisis started in Thailand with the collapse of the Thai baht in July 1997. Between 1992 and 1997, Thailand saw seven prome ministers within five years. In November 2006, Chavalit Yongchaiyudh became the 22nd Prime Minister of Thailand after his party formed a coalition government with six minor parties. He was soon replaced by Chuan Leekpai in December 1997 who also had a shaky lineup of a six-party coalition and 12 independent defectors from a 7th parth. In what way did Thailand's political structure (fragile coalition governments and frequent changes in administrations) limit the government's ability to prevent the financial crisis before it happened and to respond effectively to the crisis after its outbreak?"

Yea, this was the question. I know this needs lots of implication but come on, even normal "search-and-copy" open book paper already not enough time, but now still need to "search-and-copy-imply"? Some more need to write 2 pages (cause this is only half of the question) IN ORDER TO GET AN AVERAGE MARK? What the heck?

This paper was screw up, totally not enough time. ARGH!!!!!

But, who cares... Exam is over...ITS OVER!!!

What I am gonig to do now is enjoy my life....

Oh yea....woosh...ENJOY MY LIFE!!! :P

36 hours more

36 hours more....yeah, just another 36 hours, I will be FREE!!!

Jia you, don't give up, don't feel lazy....

Just hang on for another 36 hours, that's all!!!


I Am Waiting~

Yep, as what the title said, I am waiting. So, what am I waiting for? It's my last paper, HE312, Political Economics.

"In order for you to get an average mark, you need to write abour 3 to 4 pages during the examination". Said Prof. Sng.

"Huh....what is the meaning of average mark?" We asked.

"Er...It's about 17 to 19 marks out of 25."

Duh!!!! What the heck...3 to 4 pages for average mark? Then what about 20 something? Are we going to break our hand after the paper?

It's going to be tough for me. It's open book. We need to read ALL the journal and the report that our course mate did. Aww...I will surely be cacat on Monday, my hand gonna broke...at 11:30am that morning.

Just finish my second last paper. Had Sakae Sushi just now, thanks pa! I am slacking in LWN and looking at that stupid Ah Su's picures. So envy... We are suffering here and they are enjoying themselves in Europe. Haha, remember my souvenir, or else I will burn your EUREKA cert,haha. I will on leave for half a day, and continue to CHIONG later... =)

Good luck every 1...


13/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x
17/11/08 - x x x x x
19/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
20/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
24/11/08 - Political Economics

(The last 1...hang on hang on)


Phew, I was super duper tired today.

4am - slept
7am - woke up and prepare fpr HE209's paper
1pm - Lunch
5pm - business law paper

Walao, I cant imagine that I still cant tahan until now!! Still need to prepare for another tomorrow...sien!!

But papa was nice enough. He called me just now and ask me go eat Sakae Sushi, his treat. Althougt it's not ex, but I really appreciate what he did le.. =)


13/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x
17/11/08 - x x x x x
19/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
20/11/08 - Urban and Transport Economics
24/11/08 - Political Economics

(4 gone, 2 more to go...chiong AH!!!!!)

4 more to go

Just finish Accounting. How was it? See result lo. Was camping in library every day. No choice, sien also have to stay. 3 hardcore is waiting for me and I am still lagging behind for HE209. Din have much hope on it, sigh~

I miss home
I miss home food
I wanna drink soup
I wanna sleep whole day, play whole day
I wan.....wan.....bla bla bla......
Never mind, I more week to go....jia you every 1.....
13/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x
17/11/08 - x x x x x
19/11/08 - Industrial Organization and Business Law
20/11/08 - Urban and Transport Economics
24/11/08 - Political Economics
(2 gone, 4 more to go, hang on hang on....)

Not Feeling Well

I am kinda worry for my health recently. Lots of things that happened unusually. Previously, my left chest was a bit pain. It's not frequest, 1 days maybe 3 to 4 times. Went to see doctor, after the ECG test, its proven that my heart has no problem, maybe just muscle ache. Few days back, I was having headace for my right hand side of my head. I also donno the recently, I felt pain right after I woke up from my sleep. It had pain for the whole day. When ever I cough and sneeze, it's pain even more. This 2 days, I felt my left chest is more pain and it's more frequest. Even I am sitting and walking, some times I can feel the pain.

What's happening to me? Gosh!! i don't want all these. My mum was kinda worry. What I am afraid is what if I have cardiogenic shock? I might just "go" any time! I really don't want all these to happened. I just hope that it's pain because I am stress for exam, so after exam every thing is alright. God, bless me and heal me please...


13/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x
17/11/08 - Accounting
19/11/08 - Industrial Organization and Business Law
20/11/08 - Urban and Transport Economics
24/11/08 - Political Economics

(1 gone, 5 more to go)


Few days didn't update my blog. Was busy preparing exam and camping in library. Still got lots to read. Later need to seat for Japanese paper, but it's OK, not that worry, because I S/U it already. Still got 3 more lecture notes to cover for Accounting. For Industrial Organization, it is the most headache module of the semester. Although I have finish reading all the notes, but still not full understand yet. For Business law and Uran and Transport Economics, same as Accounting, 3 more lecture notes to go. Last paper is also another hardcore, lots of lots of notes and journal to read. it's a open book paper... Wondering whether I have time to flip and flip and flip on that day...sigh.... 1 more assignment need to due on this coming Friday....Sien....


13/11/08 - Japanese Level 4
17/11/08 - Accounting
19/11/08 - Industrial Organization and Business Law
20/11/08 - Urban and Transport Economics
24/11/08 - Political Economics

Some Random Post...

Today...er, I mean yesterday (Since tat its after 12), a group of Japanese from Japanese association were invited to NTU to perform Onikenbai (鬼剣ばい). There were here to promote the Japanese culture and at the same time promote about Yokoso Japan. It's some thing like Cuti Cuti Malaysia, to encourage people visit Japan. The dance was quite interesting, especially their costum.

I had receive another post card from Ariel. I received 3 post card recently, 1 from stockholm, Sweden; 1 from Hong Kong; and another 1 from Glasgow, Scottland. Thanks guys, I love those postcard.

The yellow color 1 is from Sweden, the scenery postcard is from Scottland and another 1 is from HK.

To Hin Fei: When am I going to receive a postcard from Finland??

Recently, I am kinda stress up for the exam. Realise that there are still many to catch up, and there are still 1 more assignment to due before next Friday. Life in library is not really fun. With all the muggers around, it makes me even more stress.

  • I wan to go Marche again
  • I wish to see my family ASAP...as in like NOW
  • I wan to sleep whole day like no body business
  • I wan to go Kuishinbo
  • I wan to cook my favourite dish
  • I cant wait to go caroling around
  • I just wan to go out, go out and GO OUT!!
Sien... Why students' life are so tough???


I am so so so so so into cooking. Some times I am wondering, how come I will enroll myself in NTU for a Economics degree. Why not I just learn how to cook? Hehe...is that a good idea?? I just love to use my imagination and adding the ingredients to create something special. Haha, luckily, all my experiments still eatable.

Monday, I cooked. By using all the mushroom that I like to cook something similar like 1 of the previous post. Its tasted nice! I love mushrooms so much!

And now (while I am updating this), I am eating the omellette that I just finish cooking. At the same time, waiting for my soup to be done. Too bad, forgot to take a picture od each food. Hehe... don jealous yea. :p


Marche again... Yea, the second time of the month. Went with Sein Chyi. She said she wanna destress wor...haha...

Ate my favourite crepe and mushrooms again. These 2 already made me kinda full...

That day went for shopping as well. Walao, lots of nice cloths but no sales, too bad... Bought some grocery, bought ANDERSON ice cream as well...wee~