- Selamat Hari Raya Puasa -

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to every one,haha. Although I did not celebrate it with any one,but I am very happy this 2 days. Monday was our AMCISA-MSA area gathering. It was quite fun. Lots of food too,keke,I also got contribute one o,don always think that I only know eat eat eat and eat. There are performance too. Ariel and Lee Hong,Your voice are nice,haha. But at the end of the event,my spec broken,no choice lo,play too much d,haha.

The next morning,I went to Jurong Point with Kwan Hui to repair my spec. After we bought some ingredients for our lunch,we went to Jessica's room. Why? Because today I am going to cook for our lunch with a bunch of friends!! We are going to cook Sambal Fishcake,Curry Chicken Wings,Myanmar Sallad,Vegetable and Mushroom soup. Nice right? I enjoy the feeling cooking,erm should say playing in the kitchen.

The food are served at 2 PM, Walao,that time we hungry until forgot "the feeling of hunger" already. Haha. The food was very nice. Other than that,we have Ice Lemon Tea and fruits after that too. Full until donno what to say. Haha,I really enjoy that day. After ate,we toke some funny picture too,crazy huh? Haha...

Hey guys,hope you all enjoy your Hari Raya Puasa too. Have a nice day!

This few days quite slack, did not study much. Exam will be coming very very soon, but I don't have that kind of mood to sit in front of my table and study. I afraid to look at math. Flipping the text books, I realize that most of the question I also don't know how to do. My brain is blank. I no longer have the confidence to work on my math. I do not wan to fail my paper, end up retake this subject in next semester.

Yesterday afternoon was raining. Yeah, Singapore long time din ranning le. Did you guys like to look at the rain and enjoy that kind of "cooling" admosphere? I love it. I enjoy looking at rain drop on the leaf, on the tree... I enjoy the wind, I enjoy the rain. Lots of people like to sleep during rainning, but I like to think when it's rain. I recall all the sweet memories that I spend with my family and friends. I felt a bit of loneliness here. It is a bit different from what I have in Malaysia.

What can I do? Life move on every single day. Peoples come peoples go. We have to think positively and be strong no matter what. Although I am bored with things that I do every day, but I still have to keep on doing it. Because this is what I chose to be.

Happy Saturday

I was so tired last Saturday,but I still happy for that day,haha. That day,I ony slept for about 4 hours,because early in the morning I have wake up I dress nice nice go to the Students' Union's "Student Leader Conference". I am represence Heritage Club to the conference together with my president and vice president. Student' Union (SU) really rich. I heard every SU event also will provide food,some more not those cheap cheap sandwitches plus teh tarik,but is those fruit tart,bla bla bla for breakfast. After the event,got lunch some more. Not those cheap cheap food,haha...but is those high class de,chicken lar,fish lar,this lar that lar....

After the conference,1 of my friend ask me to go eat "steamboat" at Bugis,buffet style de. Mm,I heard that,it is very famous in Singapore. Every day also full of people. You know lar,I love to eat so much,really cant tahan, Although I am tired,but,I also go with them,haha. But,what other people say are true,really lots of people there. But who care? As long as we have a place to sit and enjoy our food,haha. The food there are nice,yum yum yum.... We grab a lot of food,this lar that lar. I was amaze by the food there. We ate for 2 to 3 hours,and a few girls stading beside who were waiting for the sits stare at us. Who care? As long as I am the 1 who are sitting but not standing and wait. We puposely eat more and more,haha,just to make them wait longer.

After that,we go for shopping around that area and reach my hostel around 11:30 pm. I was so tired and sleepy,haha. I chose to dump all my assignment,homeworks and exams "back to my brain" ler. SO enjoy that day. Buddies,when you come to Singapore,let me bring you to those places k? But,make sure you pay yourself. Blek....


Opportunity cost is the cost we pay when we give up something to get something else. There can be many alternatives that we give up to get something else, but the opportunity cost of a decision is the next best alternatives that we give up to get what we want. Opportunity cost is useful when evaluating the cost and benefit of choices. It also expressed in non-monetary terms.

Opportunity cost is evident in our daily life every time we make a decision. Earlier this year, NUS offered me a course in Arts and Social Sciences and NTU offered me in Economics. After a trip to both of the universities and some research, I decided to choose to go to NTU instead of NUS. I felt that NTU would be more suitable for me. NTU have the better environment, better culture and better locations. I knew that I would enjoy it if I studying here. NTU offers a direct entry into a four years honours programme in Economics but NUS does not. Deciding to go to NTU meant that rejecting NUS’ offer, which was my next best alternative.

I have time on Saturday for the activities of only one club. I decided to join the Welfare Services Club and not the Diving club after getting to know the weekly activities of both clubs. I chose the Welfare Services Club is because I love the feeling of helping others. I am given the opportunities to visit and help those who are in need. I gain enjoyment and satisfaction while learning a lot from the needy when I help them out. Hence, I chose to join the Welfare Services Club but not the Diving Club which is my next best alternative.

We make a lot of major and minor decisions everyday. Therefore, we must understand the cost and benefit for every choice so that we would not
regret with the decision we make.

Haha,this is my second assignment,guess what? I got A- from a "Ang Mo" tutor er,haha. Happy ler.

Starting from now,it will be a tough and busy period for me. It is because,the final exam are coming soon,and my math are still poor as it used to be. I need to spend more time on it,so that I can at least,pass in that subject. I do not want to retake that paper. It is not only wasting my time,it also is a shame. I want to do my best so that I can strike as good as I can.

Not only exams,I still need to do another 2 more english assignment. the title is "story telling". I need to interview some 1 and write a story base on the interviewee's history. My GOD!!!! Ask me write facts can lar,story? ARGH! Other than this,I still have to do a music project. Every thing still not getting on,I was lacking of the "spirit" to do the project.

There are a lot of duty that I need to do for my society as well. I just promoted to be the Welfare Director for this coming "International Game" on January 2007. International Game is the sports day that organize by students from different contries and for every 1 of the school especially international student. I guess I will be busy starting from December onwards. As a Secretary for Heritage Club,there are still a burden for me too. Is my fault to be talkative? Haih,end up,my president and other commitees agree that I will in charge of Laizon,which is the person who deal with all people outside,like teacher this and that. Cool huh? Lockily,there are still 3 more person to help me up. Phew,Thanks GOD.

So,I think I shall try my best to work out every thing ler,especiall yscore well in my exam. Guys,you all will support me one right?

Mid Autumn Festival

This is the place that we have fun during Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Few days back was the Mid Autumn Festival. Every year,I will have re-union dinner with others relatives. This year was different. I did not celebrate it with my parents,but with 1 of my aunt in Singapore. I felt lucky because there are some 1 who cook and take care of me. :) That day was very hazy,but we still enjoy our dinner and moon cake,haha.

The week before that,MSA were organize a Mid Autumn Festival Celebration. It is under "Area Base",means that all MSAians gather in different area and celebrate together. We eat,see performance and have fun together. Haha,we also play with candles lantern and fire crackers,haha. Fun huh?

That day made me recall my Mid Autumn Festival that used to be. Really happy that I still can have fun on that day. At least,i don feel lonely.


2 days back,I just got my Basic Mathmatics for Economics' result. I was quite sad about that. What I got is only 7 / 15. But a lot of my classmate got better than me,opps,not better,is much more better. Looking at them,I felt that I am so far apart from them. I am not as good as them,I am not as hardworking as them,I am not as clever as them.

Yesterday,I got my Microeconomics result. It is better,but I am not satisfied with it. I got 7 / 10. Some of my classmates can get 10/10.cool huh? But,it is not me. I hope that I can get better result in other subject as my math is not good. At least,my CGPA will be better. I know that I cant be "down" like this. I need to recover as soon as possible so that I can really concentrate and focus on my studies.

I feel sad because I feel that I am helpless to 1 of my best back in Malaysia. She felt left behind,she felt lonely. I really cant help her much. I want to "pull" her out from the negative world. I want she cheer up like what she used to be. I want to say "sorry" to her for left her out during the outings. But I also want to tell her that,no matter what happen in life,I will always think bout "the triplet". I wont give up 2 of you.

Cheer up my friend. Life will bring a lot of circumtances to us. We need to learn and over come it so that we can grow and achieve what we want in future. I understand your feeling as I am always left behind last time. Still remember? I can understand it because I am 1 of them who walk through all these. I learn to be strong because I have to...

Take care,ok?

HaPpY BiRthDaY

Just came back from Malaysia. It was a happy and busy week,busy for outings,haha. 23rd September is my birthday,and it is the day that i reached Malaysia,haha. I went out with a bunch of friends to 1U and "cheong k" in Neway. That day was Mun's birthday too. Wow,fun!! Long time din "cheong k" already,some more can meet my buddies. Haha,S. Yian,you still dress like last time during Form 6 wor,haha. After that,we and 7 piece of different flavour of Secret Recipe cake,yumm yumm...

After that day,I was celebrating my birthday with my parents and relatives. We were having dinner together in "Dak Fook". Yeah,can eat sea food,some more all are my favourite food. Receive alot of presents too. Really wanna thanks my friends and parents. They really used alot of effort to plan for my birthday. Thanks daddy and mummy,thanks my buddies.

Haha,I really waste alot of time this holiday. Actually planned to study and revise,planned to do my assignment. But,I went out every day. Went out with friends,went out with parents,meeting juniors,haha.. But really happy can see lots of friends is Malaysia. Really miss them.

Now,I am back to Singapore. Really tired yesterday,haha. Slept till this afternoon 2:30pm,cool huh? Really slack alot during this holiday. Now have to suffer and rush for my assignments. Gambate ya...