Flamin' Grill Steakhouse @ East Coast Road

Had a great dinner with my god father at this newly opened restaurant.

They are not only providing great food, they do provide good service too.

I have ordered a grill ribeye steak while my god father has ordered a grill salmon. We have chose the "all inclusive" set which includes a salad, soup of the day, a side dish and a drink.

I really enjoyed my dinner this evening. Will definitely go back again.


I am officially employed for a month in another 2 days time.

I am currently working as a Fund Accountant in a foreign bank. I love the job, the colleagues, the company so far. I have been learning a lot of new things lately and most importantly, it is related to my degree.

Working as a Fund Accountant can be challenging especially when they are different FX purchases, investments, trades and etc for the day and you are required to submit your report to your client before the dead lines.

I have been trying to cope, learn and be more efficient. Thanks to the good team mates I have, everything seems to be smooth so far.

The job nature of what I am doing currently is also a lot different from my previous job. I love jobs that only required me to work on the weekdays. At least, I still have my own time doing what I like and hang out with friends.

Looking forward for another brand new week. Hope that there are new things for me to learn and improve. ~