Yes, I am eating again

Went for a medical check up for my new job this morning. I'm shocked when the nurse told me about my weight. But who cares? I just love eating good foods so much. Some times we shouldn't care too much about what other people thinks, and just do things that make us happy.

Ate with my ex-manager at Toa Payoh. It's nice meeting her again, she's a wonderful lady. :) And guess what, I am currently having my tea at TCC while blogging. Haha. Happy eating! ~

Paradise Inn @ 313 Somerset

Had a great dinner at Paradise Inn with my god father and father before he goes back to KL tomorrow. Paradise Inn is always a good choice. They have great food, great staffs, great services, just that their prices are slightly expensive.

I just came back to Singapore today and immediately went to Millenia Tower and sign my offer letter. I'm officially employed under BNY Mellon. Wee...will start working next Monday, kinda excited. Wish me luck! ~

Yum yum yum

Had a great tea time and dinner with my mum and sister. Yum...~

Us & CNY

It's great to meet up with your teenage-hood buddies. You can see how difference we are now as compared to our teenage time.

I enjoyed my time with them, we eat, drink, laugh, bitch and of course gamble. I really hope to spend more time with them because I don't know when is the next time I'll come back to KL again.

Friendship forever. ~








It's a cool place for the kids and families. It's nice to take pictures and walk around with your love ones. Just that, the parking fee is way too expensive. ~

Feast feast feast

It's another day of eat, play, eat, play. Yup, that's basically the first day of the CNY.

Chinese new year eve

As usual, woke up early in the morning and had breakfast with my family. Today is the last day that my parents are working before CNY. Due to the reason that this year's business not as good as the previous years, therefore, I have nothing much to help out except being a chauffeur driving family around.

Had a great tea time with my sis before picking up my god father. God father brought us many interesting food for the CNY. Had a nice reunion dinner with my relatives as well. It's great to see every one again. I wish every one have a great year ahead. ~

It is good to be at home

Came back to KL last evening. It's nice to be at home.

I can see that my parents miss me a lot. Despite of the busy schedule and heavy work load, my mum still bake me my favorite cookies. She even cooked me my favorite 猪脚醋 today after I told her that I'm craving for that last night. Touched.

By the way, I'm officially employed. Relieve, cause I need not to worry much and keep hunting for a job any more. ~


"It's time to try defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you can't pull me down"

This is the song that I've sung 3 years back for the choir concert, it's also the song that introduced me to the musical - Wicked.

After waited for months, finally, today is the day for us to watch the musical. The musical was nice, amazing, breath taking, and worth watching. I'm glad that they came to Singapore.

Now I'm on the way back home and the song "Defying Gravity" is still playing in my head. It's the song that reminds me of my sweet memory in choir. ~


Yep, I'm in NTU again. After working, realize that their foods really cheap. ~

Bye, Bangkok

I just touched down. The trip was nice and fun. Thanks to Rayne, Siow Wei, Kenny and of course Kah Leong. Eat, walk and buy a lot these few days. I will always miss shopping and Thailand's food.

Heading home now. Gonna prepare for my interviews tomorrow. Wish me luck. ~