=My Life=

Life are kinda busy this few weeks. Final examinations are coming soon. Luckily just complete 2 tests,1 presentation and 1 project. Moving to next assignment soon. Life had been covered by stress stress stress and stress this 2 weeks. Although life is quite stressful recently,but still having fun. Cooking lunch together,study together,stay in the tutorial room until late late at night.... This is my life for this few weeks. I think this type of life will maintain until the end of the examinations.

Just woke up 11am today. Study until 4am yesterday. Haha,long time din study till late late at night le. A bit headache now. I guess will have a short nap later. My dear best friend's birthday coming soon,what should I do for her birthday? Mm...still considering,haha. Missing my friends in Malaysia. Just chat with Mou,heard Mou said that she is quite lonely there. Hope that every thing will be fine to her,and hope that she wont stress herself.

I am happy that Yien was enjoy her celebration in Sunway Lagoon. She looks cheerful in the picture. This is what I want to see from her,this is the Yien that suppose to be. I think Fung are busy preparing her examinations as well. Long time did not see her online. I think she is trying her hard to add more oil le. Good Luck to you ya.


Lovely Life... said...

hey dude...recently i seldom on9 coz i din bring my laptop to usm.. coz wanna concentare in my studies..but sometimes i oso ll use my fren's de laptop la.. miss u o! me really busy wif my final.. not busy study..is busy havin fun.. hahaha! do u bliv it? kekeke.. wat to do for yien's birth? got answer edi contact me ya! kekeke! see u on dec o! take care n all d best!