HK-Macau Trip: Day 1

Last week was quite tired, because of giving tuition, working in the library and choir's intensive practises. Rushed back to KL on 22nd May and fly to Macau on 23rd. This time was not as excited as usual before I going over sea,haha. Really don no why? Maybe too tired? Or getting older already, so don have such feeling?

We reached the airport before lunch hour. The cargo is not as nice as KLIA. Mm....kinda disappointed. But then never mind, since that we are paying that cheap,haha. The air bus is kinda small, not much space to put our leg. Luckily is only 3 and half hour. If not, out butt and leg sure cram. =p

My sis and I -In the air bus-

We reached Macau and about 4:30pm. After that, we took a ferry to Hong Kong. That day was a bit tired, because of travelling here and there. But then, we still very excited and wanted to explore here and there after checking in into the hotel. The rooms are quite small, but 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全. We were staying in 上海街, which is very near to a lot of "pasar malam" and restaurant. The "pasar malam" has lots of things to see. But the thing that I am a bit shocked is, there are a lot of sex toys stalls all over the place. It's ssome thing that very hard to see in Singapore and Malaysia.

Before going back to the hotel, we had some nice desert at 1 of the desert shop nearby. HK's food was really nice. I love the desert and the dinner we had that day. That day was kinda tired, don have much energy to walk here and there. Slept quite early that night, because I wan to save more energy for my Disney Land at the next day,haha.

My mum's roast goose noodle
My pork rib rice, and it's nice!!

Nice desert after dinner

Busy busy busy...

I am quite busy recently due to the intensive choir training, working in library and giving tuition to a primary 5 naughty girl. But then, I still give myself some times to relax through COOKING!! Last Saturday was my "cooking day". I cooked sambal chicken and omelete for lunch, chicken with potatoes for dinner and "old cucmber" soup. =) Chicken with potatoes-I added some wine also lo....yum yum!!

Nice "old cucumber" soup

Yeap, I enjoyed myself through the process of cooking on that day. It is interesting that when you discover some new recipe when you any how add in some of the ingredient ( of course, the ingredient must :match" each other la).

Last Sunday, I went Katong to meet up with my god father and then proceed to SJI International. SJI International was having Asssisi Hospice Fun Day. The purpose of the event is to raise fund for the kids who have cancer. My job is to help him take care of the booth, and cleaning up at the end of the day. That day was so freaking hot, and...I still have to do so many stuffs,AH!!!!! Sien.... But then no choice, I still have to help him, sigh!

Recently, our instructor has chose a new song for the choir competition in Czech Republic. This is the link: Just go to
台湾韵味薪团唱 and then click on [+]请点选此处,继续阅读(read more)全文. and then click [丢丢铜仔]. That is our new song for this competition. It's quite interesting, hope that you enjoy it too.

So. now is the time for us to memorise the whole song. Luckily it is still much more "doable" than the Akita Ondo that we sang before during choir concert. Hopefully we can prepare every thing on time before the competition and win something in that competition.

Looking forward to my Hong Kong and Europe trip as well. =)



希望我们能顺顺利利的到捷克去比赛咯。不然我们一直以来的努力就可要白费了。NTU CAC Choir,加油咯!

Short Break

I went back home after all my papers. Miss me family so much!!! cause I din got to go back home during recess week due to choir concert. So happy....ate lots of nice food ans went shopping here and there.

Now, I am in Singapore again. Need to prepare for choir competition in Czech Republic.... Haha....NTU Choir...let's jia you together lo.