Sorry BudDiesss...

Opps...I would like to say a SORRY to my cute and pretty best friend,Yien and Fung. Haha,sorry for lieing bout that "secret" ler...wakaka. If both of you got update my blog,sure will know what happen. If not,both of you will know the truth when I go back to Malaysia ler...keke.

Haih,this few days very "cham" ler. Seldom do exercise,suddenly need to run for 2.4km...ARgh!!!! After that got "Dragon Boat" training too... My whole body is so so so pain now... :( Today is also a bad day too. Just got the reply form NTU's Choir Team and I am not selected. Haih...try next year ler :(


Fr3dz said...

i see that u have a lot of activities
going on leh!!
good for dieting.. haha
niway gratz for ur vice president post
all the best to u!!
all juniors support u oh!!

-weihann- said...

hmm...dunno wat secret r u talking abt >.<
anyway,congrats 4 havin so many activities wor..
can 'gan fei' la...wakaka...
if nt,u wil b getting fatter n fatter..
even fatter than me...lolx
abt d wilber pan's concert..
seriously..nt really interested in him..
bt since u r his fans..den congratz 4attending his concert lo..
kla datz al 4now..88

gudgal said...

life in singapore sounds so fun le^^
glad tat u enjoy it lu....
stay strong n cool ya!!
haha wish u luck wif ur fat fat de roommate lu^^
think so it's kinda torturing listening 2 those sound pollution evrynite wahahaXD

miss ya owaz..
gambateh lu^^

StePhZz said...

you ar... so bad ler.. never tell me also. luckily got fung tell e, if not i will blur blur ler... take care ah... don play play ar...