MeRdEkA NiGht

Wah...long time did not upgrade my blog already,haha. Last Saturday was a wonderful night. We are having a Masquerade Ball in Hall 15 function hall. That afternoon,I was so busy preparing. Preparing my formal attire and tie,preparing my gel,my mask(that i bought in Bugis),bla bla bla.... I wan to look handsome on that day mer,so must prepare earlier lo,haha.

When I reach there with a bunch of my friends,some of the MSAians are there already,including my buddies. Walao,they look so different that night,all guys are smart and girls are pretty. Some of them even decorate their own mask,haha,inovative right? At the begining of the event,there is a ice breaking. Every 1 have their own partner and we dance "in square",haha... After the dinner,we have alot of lame games too. It is happy that most of the Malaysian in NTU celebrating Merdeka Night together.

Not forget about 1 of the "small event" of the night. Ex-commitee member of Malaysian Student Association (MSA) were on stage. Ex-president were talking his speech,can see that he love MSA alot. After that,the new president on stage and introduce the new MSA commitee member,and I am 1 of them. Being award as the Vice President is really happy and chalenging. It is great to have a good chance to serve the association,the Malaysian...

Before the end of Merdeka Night,every 1 were dancing toeach other. Some romantic songs were played at that moment. Haha,I also dance ler,invited lots of pretty girls dance with me,guys out there,don be jealous k? There were some clubbing songs played at that time too. Every 1 was like crazy dancing there,haha... All also got "high" that night.

It was a tiring and exciting night. Really nice to have fun with so many people who are from a same country,hope that there is another "night" again.