Rainy Day

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day....

Yup, it has been raining almost every day recently. I love rain, but not on the day that I feel like going out.

Rainy days make me think of many things that happened in the past regardless of the happy or sad moment. Most of the rainy days make me emo. But, I like that feeling. I think, I love the feeling of calming down and be alone, thinking of the things that happened in the past.

Celebrated Merdeka Night yesterday. Great job every one, love the people, love the performaces, love the effort that put by the Merdeka Night committees.

Taking 10 AUs this sem plus FYP. Hope that I won't be too slack throughout the sem. I want to learn more things so that I can have a fruitful sememster. =)

Just Some Updates

Finally, school reopened. Sorry for MIA for quite some times. FOC was OK, just that this year not many freshies join cause the intake from Malaysia had been decreased. The number of seniors are more than the juniors. Freshies this year are a bit slow and blur...lol, I am not the only 1 who think that hor...

NTU is quite happening these days. On top of school days, this week is the Welcome Week for the freshies. Lots of goodie goodie around. Lectures are OK, still undecisive of taking certain module.

Pissed with my stupid FYP professor. He is dumb and useless. How can he forget about us and gave our title to another group and causes us to change the title? HELLO, Globalization and Income Disparity in Singapore is so much easier to do than Globalization and the impact of Singapore Industrial Structure please....ARGH~!








Why would I be so stupid and doing so much?

Why people just like to take things for granted?

Why am I so stupid staying here and look at people's face?

Why do I need to care of what people said?