Zimbabwe's Inflation

What? Zimbabwe's inflation rate had reached to 213 million percent annually??

According to the world news and many of the websites, Zimbabwe's annual inflation accelerated to 231 million per cent in July, to set a new world record. It means that the value of the currency of Zimbabwe had decresed dramatically. OMG!!!! This happened is due to the irresponsible government keep printing notes for their own benefit. How can they neglect the welfare and the benefit of their nations?

Does it means that a loaf of bread that cost Z$500 at the beginning of the year will reach Z$1155000000 at the end of the year? OMG!! Even toilet paper is more valuable. Can I buy the stuffs with toilet papers then?? Hehe...

The latest inflation figures show that Zimbabwe is suffering the highest inflation rate in the world Photo: EPA

Spicy Chicken

So, this will be my breakfast, lunch and dinner for today. Haha, went out to give tuition early in the morning. Came back, and sleep. Eating this at 4:30PM.

Forgot to bring my phone to capture the picture of the whole process, so, no recipe today. I only will be showing you the picture of the output. Yum.... I have lots of satisfaction from this dish....it's nice to serve with bread, so so so NICE!!!

DBSK - Mirotic

Yeah, their album had released about 1 month back!! This is their 4th album. Was thinking should I buy it or not, USD16.99 le...expensive?? Mm, I think I shall just chek out the price at those CD outlet 1st ba. This is their MV for Mirotic, enjoy!!

Wedding Ceremony

I went back to KL last Friday right after my HE312 presentation with my god father for my cousin brother's wedding ceremony. My briliant cousin brother who are working as a Judge are marrying my cousin sister in-law (have this word??) who are working as a lawyer. Match huh?? Why do I said that my cousin brother is a briliant? Because he is 1 of the recipient for The Bachelor of Jurisprudence Subject Distinction Award in year 2000. Then why my cousin sister in-law is a briliant then? Cause she chose to marry my cousin brother,haha!

On Friday night, I went to his house for buffet dinner right after I reached KL, which is about 10sth at night, WTH. Over night at their house because I need to be 1 of the 兄弟 to pick up the bride the next morning. Woke up super early in the morning the next day, 5am!!! Sien... But no choice, for the sake of KC (my cousin brother). We reach the bride's house that is located in Malacca at about 9am, luckily the 姐妹 were nice enough, din really sabor us.

Reach KC's house at about 12sth in the afternoon. After all the "yam cha" ceremony, we went to the church that is located at Kelana Jaya for the ceremony. KC were very "dai pai" lo,haha... Since that he is the Judge, he asked 2 police to "open the way" for us from Kepong to Kelana Jaya. We can even pass through the traffic light regardless on the color on it,haha. Luckily the police were there, cause LDP were super jam that moment. But, who care??? All the cars need to give way to us...haha... :P The wedding ceremony in the church were so so...cause I doesn't like that pastor, he were so rude...blek!!!
On that evening, we went to 1 of the restaurant located at Bukit Bintang at 5th to help them out ushering the guest. That few days, KL were kinda weird, jam here and there...sien!!! That night, there are about 400 people attended the dinner. Every thing were smooth and nice. Met lots of relatives that I din see them for ages. Of course...that night wouldn't be fun without all the camwhore section,haha...

The main character on that day:

The phototaking section: (wee~)

The big family

Making star with our fingers

With our foot....
Acting cool
Acting fun
Acting cute

Last but not least, to Kwong Chin and Karen, may GOD bless both of you all the time with good health, good achievement in your career and full of happiness. =)

eating ALONE?!?!

Now is 7:31am . I slept at 4:30am just now. I should be sleeping, some more outside is raining now, should be very nice to sleep. Wondering how come I am awake this time. Since that nothing to do, update blog lo...hehe

Recently I did something "crazy", in the eye some some people. I went to Kuishinbo, Sakae Sushi and Marche to eat alone. I don't think it's some thing crazy or it's really that boring lo. Some times, it's quite enjoyable and interesting to eat alone. You got to observe things around that you will never realise all these while like when is the time that the chief cutting the sashimi to feel up the empty plate, who is the prettiest waitress, who is the most handsome waiter, what will the chief do, what are the topic they talk about....

Yep, I was lazy and fed up to keep asking people to accompany me for Kuishinbo for japanese buffet. Maybe the price is a bit too high? http://www.res.com.sg/restaurants_view.php?v=8 But I was craving for it. So, don care! Went to JP and eat alone on 1 of the tuesday,it was nice!

The nice paper steamboat!! 1 of my favourite in Kuishinbo

Nice Dori fish teppanyaki in ginger sauce

Nice dessert!!

It looks nice right....Argh,saliva coming down

In the same week (friday), I was having 2 hours break in between the classes. Nothing to do. Mum called. I was asking my mum should I go for Sakae Sushi's sushi buffet? Since that I have nothing to do, and Sakae Sushi is just in our campus area. You know, parents love their children. Without hesitate, my mum said "go lo!!!" Alright, good! i wont feel guilty for having 2 buffet meal in the same week, since I have some 1 to support me and go for it. Haha...


The deserts...

So, the next "eating alone" session was right after I reach Singapore on monday (20/10/08). Since that the stupid Aeroline not allowed me to alight at the custom, I have to travel WITH THEM all the way to Vivocity and then come back to NTU which is so so so near to the custom. Since that I am all the way there, I shall go for my favourite restaurant right? Haha, Marche was my choice. Eh, I whole semester din eat d lo, ok?? So, I skipped the accounting class that day, I had a superb lunch that day. Wee~~

This was my lunch on Monday, superb!

Nice and creamy pumpkin soup!!

My strawberry spread, with banana inside lo...

Nice!! Full of my favourite mushrooms...
Darn...I am feeling hungry right now...argh!!!!!

Your Expression Number is 5

A total multi-tasker, you have a wide variety of talents.

You're very versatile and able to change at a drop of a hat.

A free spirit, you crave change and adventure.

Clever and quick witted, you can convince anyone of anything.

You can do anything you desire... though this sometimes gets you in trouble!

Very popular, you're always thinking up new ways to entertain and amuse your friends.

Your restless and impatient attitude means you don't stay with projects for long.

You tend to be erratic and scattered - it's hard for you to focus.

You often find yourself in a state of flux with constantly changing interests.

My Bithday Celebrations!!

Yep, I know it's kind of late to blog about this. But no choice, have to wait for An Yi to send me the pics to blog bout my birthday celebration, all her fault...wakaka... Opps, hope that she is not reading this. =P

This year I have 6 celebrations overall. Although the celebrations was not as big as last year, but I do enjoy the times that I spent with my families and friends, and I really appreciate what they had done for me.

The 1st celebration was with the NTU MSA year 3 gang (except Sai Mun who are still in year 2). It was not a "surprise" celebration cause Sein Chyi asked me before hand when I will be free to let them celebrate for me. Haha, they were kinda bad, not only ask me to sing myself a birthday songs with different kind of version, they even asked me to bring my birthday cake to McD and ask the staffs for free drink. Of course, my face is not that thick, instead of asking a free 1, I bought 1, they were not satisfy lo.... That whole night, they kept taking the pictures of my stomach and ask me to descrebe my "master piece". For those who saw that before, you shall know what i meant...hehe..

The moment they asked my to sing birthday song myself

See, how bad were they. Wrote "Fei Zai" on my birthday cake, I am not fat lo please...

My birthday card...thanks, Sein Chyi

Thanks guys!!!

The inner side of my card. So, thats Sein Chyi

2nd celebration was with my families back in KL. Luckily my birthday fall on the recess week every year, so that I can go back and celebrate with my families. We had dinner in 1 of the lousiest restaurant i ever tried...sien! Why we went there? Cause my dad say, never try that restaurant before. Not delicious plus expensive...WTH! But never mind, the most important thing still the times that we spent together. I was happy enough to have a home made birthday cake from my mum that day (althoght I have home made cake every year).

The cake that my mum baked for me this year.

While blowing the candles

3rd celebration was with Pn Lena ( my f6 econs teacher) and Pn Toh (my disciplinary teacher when I was a head prefect). So happy that they did remember my birthday. They brough me to Desa Park City for lunch and bought me a slice of cake from secret recipe. wee~

4th celebration was with Chang Weng, Jayee and Shao Yoong. Should say a big big thank you to Chang Weng for his cake, food and drinks that night. Too bad I lost my camera, so couldn't upload the pics that I took for these 2 celebrations

5th celebration was with MSA aka cell group people at SAC. Although I kind of knew that there will be a celebration for me on that day, but I really touched for what they had did for me. They urposely went to SAC room earlier to decorate the room. Yao and Kit were nice enough no make me a very nice birthday card. I was really surprised for the art work, it's nice!! Received a nice back from them... thanks!

Make a wish, make a wish...

Thanks for the hardwork!!

Thanks yao and kit for just anice card. =)

Yeah, that bag is my bday present from them!!

Thank you for everything!

6th celebration was after the recess week with NTU MSA year 2 people. It was really a "surprise" celebration this time because I never expect it. Thank you every 1 for celebrating for me on their very busy week, and thanks for the mango pudding cake. =)


My birthday cake that day =)


Yep, that's all for my birthday celebration this year.

More About Myself

Once again, I am updating my blog in MRL. Saw this is Eighte Tangam's (hoho, you should know who you are) blog, found it really interesting and quite true in some sense. You don mind I copy and paste it here hor...hehe


Suave and compromising. (mm, I think I am, at least, I tried my very best for this)
Careful, cautious and organized. (I guess I am, for certain area)
Likes to point out people’s mistakes. (Yes! Definitely! Sorry bout it, I am just born in Sept...)
Likes to criticize. (Mm...yea)
Stubborn. (I admit it, some times I am VERY STUBBORN in certain matters)
Quiet but able to talk well. (Quiet to strangers, talkative with close friends)
Calm and cool. (Er...don think so)
Kind and sympathetic. (Yes, I am. But I will always remind myself not to be too kind, it will hurt yourself if you do)
Concerned and detailed. (Should be...I think)
Loyal but not always honest. (TRUE!!!)
Does work well. (Not my homework...)
Very confident. (Mm....sometimes...Hopefully I can be more)
Sensitive. (Very)
Good memory. (Not for studies...haih...)
Clever and knowledgeable. (I don't think so~)
Loves to look for information. (Yes, especially gossips...beware!)
Must control oneself when criticizing. (Depends on I am criticizing with who)
Able to motivate oneself. (Not really)
Understanding. (Yes...if not, I already quarell with many people)
Fun to be around. (This 1 should ask my friends)
Secretive. (Yes,I am)
Loves leisure and traveling. (Come on, who doesn't like it???)
Hardly shows emotions. (Yes, I agree)
Tends to bottle up feelings. (All the time)
Very choosy, especially in relationships. (That's the reason why I am still single???)
Systematic. (Hehe...don think so, tense to be lazy)

LOL, this is what I think about myself. For those September babies, Try to observe yourself, maybe these are all your characteristics?? Enjoy!!


Why? Why? WHY???? (Quoted from Moonlight Resonance)

Why there are so many date lines to meet? Why there are so many assignments and presentations? I am sick of it. Went to Jessica's house and do HE312 assignment yesterday, reached hall at about 12am, tired. But, no choice, I still have to complete my part. Our topic is,

"In the light of the World Bank Spence Report and the Trinity Growth Theory, discuss the
metamorphosis in the Singapore economy since Independence in 1965."

Yep, other than discussing the Spence Report and Trinity Growth Theory in a more interesting way, we still need to write about Singapore's transform since 1965. Argh, it's 1965. 42 years are damn alot man!!! A lot of research and readings, faint* @_@

My HE312 paper need to upload in discussion board by 9am tomorrow, HE312 presentation is on this Friday. 1 maths assignment need to be done by this thursday, HE209 group assignment, Accounting presentation are waiting for me...WTH!

I am kinda jealous when look at Kwan Hui and Ariel's pictures in Sweden and Gasglow. Although not many pictures from Hin Fei and Siew Hong, but I know that they are enjoying themselves there. Argh, why I need to stuck here for all these stupid Assignments??

Yep, I am writing this post in MRL...again!! Wanted to do some research about HE312 assignment, but cant! Cause the stupid "dark fatty" and "gold fish" are on duty for my time slot. I need to jia jia that I am very busy, cleaning all the DVDs that had already clean and shiny all the while, act that I am checking on 24/7 server, sien~ How I wish I am lying on my bed now!

Life sucks, life sucks. Never mind, I am going back to KL this fri, hope that can get some quality time to relax and spend time with family....

Dish of the day: Red Sauce Vegeroni

Ingredient: Minced lean pork, mushroom, vegeroni, cheese, meat ball, oil, prego sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, sugar and special salt(from Vienna), hehe.... ^^

Step 1: Cut the mushroom and cheese in to slices. At this time, you can start cooking the vegeroni, because it needs some time to cook

Step 2: Fry the minced lean pork and mushroom

Step 3: After the minced pork and mushrooms are cooked, add in prego sauce, chili and tomato sauce, sugar and salt

Step 4: After the vegeroni and meat balls are cooked, put everything into the frying pan and fry together with the sauce.

Step 5: After it's done, put the red sauce vegeroni in to a container that is microwave reheatable. Put the cheese on top of the vegeroni and heat in the microwave. After that, the red sauce vegeroni is ready to serve.


Ingrediet: Chicken (boneless leg will be nicer), ginger, mushoom, sugar, oyster sauce, dark and light soya sauce, sesame oil and wine (optional)

Step 1: Cut the ginger and mushroom in to slices

Step 2: Fry the chicken with sesame oil until it became yellowish. Then cut it into slices

Step 3: Fry the chicken that you had cut just now together with ginger and mushroom for about 10 minutes

Step 4: Add in dark soya sauce and continue frying for a while

Step 5: After that, add in sugar, light soya sauce and oyster sauce.

Step 6: When it is about to serve, add in some wine and continue cooking for about 30 seconds, then it is ready to serve. =)

Yep, this is my lunch for today..... =)



为了就是那个HE306 的 Assignment。累死了。。。可是不打算睡了,因为待会儿要去教补习,现在(6:42AM)才睡,等下就起不了身咯。