Yo, people, I am here again, during working hour.

Today is even more slack, because there are only 3 staffs here the whole day. They are busying with their stuffs and not bothering us (2 part timer). Of course, we wont miss this chance to take out own sweet time. For the whole morning until now, I have only key in 46 data and scan 5 sets of documents, which is so much slower than my usual (1st and 2nd day) speed. Hehe....

Have been refreshing my facebook, NTU MSA forum and my blog few times today. Yea..this is me and another part timer usually do. I am very sure that he is now using his head phone and viewing the movie he just downloaded or youtube...hehe..

SO, jia you for thsoe who need to work like crazy~

Happy Dumpling Festival~

Siu bak zhang~ siu bak zhang... Yep, today is the 5th of May in chinese calendar, which is the Dumpling Festival of the year. Every 1 will eat bak zhang and have their "reunion dinner" with their beloved family.

This year, I am working part time in Singapore. At 1st thought of I wont have nice bak zhang and reunion dinner, but but but.. luckily, I still have my beloved aunt here in Singapore. Have been eating nice bak zhang in the pass few days, tonight will have nice dinner with aunt, uncle and cousins, wee~

Today, the Circle Line started to operate. I am so happy that Marymount MRT station is very near to my aunt's place, it's within walking distance. Although it is a long distance from my aunt's place to NTU, but at least, with this Circle Line, it helps to shorten my travelling time.

That's all for this morning... Once again, Happy Dumpling Festival.

*updated while working~*

New Job!!!

This is the second day I work in MAE graduate office. Basically, nothing much to do just key in and edit some information online. Started feeling boring~

GoiNG baCk HoME~

Yo, once again, I will be going home later, 1130am bus, from Novena to Bangsar, KL.

At 1st, planned to go to Cameron Highland for a short trip and visitting granny. But, mummy say H1N1 getting serious wor, Cameron Highland got lots of Ang Mo, so, couldn't go. Never mind, just go back home walk walk, eat eat and sleep sleep lo. Looking forward on this coming Thursday, will go sing k with friends, craving for that...long time never go k box already.

I purposely stop my surveyor job earlier to go back home because I am gonig to work as Research Assistant back in NTU on next monday. Gonna relax before working like mad? Haha, looking forward for the circle line to start operate, then I can save more time...

Alright, its getting late...night!~


ALright alright, its time to update...don nag don nag...

So, exam finished, went back home few days to relax...went to malacca too....cause I really miss the sate celup....saw many NTU people at the jonker street...

Started to work...as a surveyor. Mmm...this job, can say is quite fun but tiring at times because I need to travel here and there around Singapore and meeting up people from different industries to do the survey on different government agencies. It is actually a survey project from Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore. So, it is really fun to meet different type of poeple, some are nice, some are nasty, some are naggy, some are fussy, some are...bla bla bla...

Yea, I went to some where that is damn ulu today....Changi Cargo Road...siao!!!! After I reach there only I realise the address that they gave me is a wrong 1...luckily I have concession card...or else...money run like water....hehe...

Tommorow's appointment will be at town area and will be end aroudn 12 noon...yeay!!! Can meet my father and aunts for lunch!!!