China Town + Vivo Outing

Last Sunday was the only day in the recess week that I felt ..." YEAH!!!" Because I don not need to stay in NTU prepare for my assignments or choir practice. That day, me and Siow Wei went to China Town to buy some stuffs for Cantemus 2009 at the same time, we need to cut our hair so that we will look nice on stage next Saturday. Another time, I got my hair cut for free, thanks for Uncle Alex, 1 of my father's best friend.

That day, we ate desert in China Town and lots of nice food in Marche..YES!!! My favourite all the time. We were craving for Marche for quite some last... That day, utility were maximize all the time...yes, it's all the time!! So, this are the pictures that we took in Marche that day... Yea...I only interested to take those food pictures in, this is what I can upload this time..hee.hee...

Recess Week?

Aww...I just hate this recess week... Recess = No Recess...lots of things to do every day.

Last sat: 9AM dry run in LKC, by 10:30AM rush to SRC, after 2:30PM go back for choir dry run, rush back hall after the dry run, need to reach SRC again by 6:00PM but realised that they actually don need me to be there. Rush to NUS's UCC for NUS Choir Concert.

Sunday: Better, basically just to prepare the stuffs for project meeting on Monday.

Yesterday (Monday): Having choir practice at 10AM at Nanyang house piano room. Reach Can A at 12 something for 1st project meeting. Meeting up Lor and Elaynne at 3:30PM for another meeting.

Today (Tues): Arrivied Plaza Singapura before 10AM for anothe rproject meeting. And, need to attend another meeting at 7:00PM at the same place. By the way, the power socket in the KFC of Plaza Singapura sucks.

Tommorow: Will have choir rehearsal at VCH.... a never ending night...

Thursday: Meeting for FYP

Friday: Choir Practice from 9AM to 4PM

Saturday: Choir Practice from 9AM to 5PM

Sunday: Tentatively nth yet....but need to rush another assignment for Monday's Energy Econs...

Xian....what kind of recess week is this....ARGH!!!!


Just Some Random Update

So, what do we have this week? 1st is speghatti carbonara, red sauce speghetti and spicy pork + omellette. A few people complain and said that they refuce fo read my blog late night, cause my blog will cause them hungry. Sorry la, I don meant to do so, but I really love cooking very

Yesterday was valentines day. I celebrated with lots of my friends. 1st is choir practice from 9AM to 5PM...exhausted... Now whole body muscle pain...Argh!!! Next is having steamboat at hall 3...haha, kinda fun!!! Have home made chocolate fondue with nice grapes, strawberries and peaches...

Today went out with aunties... Not bad, can relax a while after a tiring week. Bough some groceries so that I can cook again next week.. Stay tune!!

I Love Cooking~

So, these are all the meals that I cooked in this week. =)


Yep, I am currently attending HE220's tutorial.

Seriously, the professor really chose a wrong place to have his tutorial. He is already boring enough with his extra low speed of speaking, soft, and weird slang, he some more wants to choose an IT Lab for his tutorial. So, every 1 taking their own sweet time to do their ownr stuffs.I am updating blog, copying answer, MSN-ing and playing pet society. The football freak beside me is checking football result, the 1 in front of me is checking mail...

But of course, I thank this professor for choosing this location. At least, I can still feel abit erm...happy? Or I should say excited to attend this tutorial...opps...better don let him know about this, haha..

Yea, it's boring to attend his class...Sien!!!!