Teng Seng, Merry Christmas!

see how! see how. See how lo. See how =.= See how ba. See how lo! Aiyo, See how la...

Yea...see how...i'll master it soon or later.

Today, I had the lamest camp ever!!

It's not about the words,
But it's about the hurts.
It's not about the conversations,
But it's about the trusts between us.
It's not about what I've heard,
But it's about the pain that I've suffered.
It's not about the rain,
But it's about the tear drops from my pain.
It's not about the weather,
But it's about whether we can still spend time together.
Don't ask me why, just give me some time.

Exam period is drawing near. Every one is studying like mad. Of couse, including me. Although I only have 3 modules this sem, but I am doing my best too.

NIE Choir evaluation is overed. There are still 2 more papers left for this semester. The preparation for my Principle of Marketing paper and Cost-Benefit Analysis can considered "seven seven eight eight", still working hard on some chapters and answering skills.

Honestly, I think the evaluation for NIE Choir was quite bad. I really hated myself for counting wrongly and did not enter correctly. Sian! I hate "By Waters Clear and Flowing" and Chloe's mother. Her piano skills is so iritating!

Never mind, bygone is bygone. What I need to do is focus on the papers. Haih...quite worry for my CBA also..


Pissed off

I am so pissed off by one of our marketting group member. I wouldn't say who is he, but he is just so so so so irritating.

Our final marketting presentation is on this Friday(tomorrow). We need to settle all our presentation slides, research, scripts and rehears before the presentation tomorrow. Yet, this person, always missing in action! We couldn't call him, sms didn't reply, things that we ask him to do always delay, giving lame excuses already time...

Come on, if you can not take the work load, or need some one's helo, you can always just ask us to help as well. Or telling us that you have many other things but not just keep quiet or mssing in action without any responses. This is just so irresponsible! Do you know how "ganjiong" we are now and yet, you still missing in action and have yet to send us the power point slides that you editted?

"Sry to say this but i suing if u wan me to do animation i can help but compiling i'm nt gonna do. tq." And you still dare to send KL this sms. We had preplanned all our job scope previously, if you doesn't like it, you can tell us before that. You didn't even turn up for the meeting, how can we know what you are thinking? You think we are the worm inside your stomach? You thinking that you are doing alot of works huh? F*** off!!!! Meetings, you always late or never turn up. Ideas, you always did contribute any. Works, yours are just copying how other people do. Presentations, we don need you to do so, because we alreasy lost our trust on you. So, do you think that you still have alot of work to do??????


Yada yada yada....

Just finished a "small presentation" just now!!!! Exciting!!! We din really prepare much. We started to prepare it like half an hour before the class because we are still not too sure the topic we are going to do.

Luckily, not too bad. Of course, can not compare with other groups.

Going for an interview later. WORK AND TRAVEL...but, still not really sure whether I can make it or not...many issues to consider tho...

That's all for now....

*Craving for nice and luxurious food*
*No, I must save money!!*

Birthday celebrations!

1st of all...many thanks to all my family and friends that spent so much of their time, money and effort to celebrate my birthday.

Thanks to the "sisters" for their dinner in Ma Maison, their companionship and all the laughters that night.

Thanks to the choir buddies who celebrated my birthday on top of SADM with the mooncakes, lanterns, candles and present. Thanks for the teddy bear that I received today too...

Thanks to Ivan for the necklace.

Thanks to Siew Hong and Hin Fei for the nice journey to Handel Bar and the companionship that night.

Thanks to NTU CAC Choir for celebrating my birthday after choir practice with that nice cake.

Thanks to the Poseidon for the cake, mooncake, laughter and dumping each other into the SADM fountain.

Thanks to Steph for the shirt, it reallt fits me. Forgave you for your late wishes, haha...

Thanks to my family who celebrated my birthday in 1U and the new spec.

Thanks to Steph, Esther and J-sean for the dinner in Italianies.

Last but not least...my CG member who celebrated with me yesterday evening with the mango cake and donuts... =) Thanks!!!

Hope that I didn't miss out any 1...haha...MILLION THANKS TO ALL!!!!


Every one is happily enjoying their long weekend due to Hari Raya Puasa, except me. Hari Raya Puasa didn't affect me at all because I only have 3 days week. Every monday in this semester is my holiday. =)

5 of my good friends celebrated my birthday on Saturday and guess what, they are all GIRLS...haha.. Thanks Ariel, Sein Chyi, Elainne, Wan Xin and Yi Chin. We had our dinner in one of my favourite restaurant Ma Maison and dessert at Ah Chew.

Ma Maison, Japanese style western food...

They are the "5", I am the "1"

Those are some of the food we ate that day...yummmy!!!!

food, food and FOOD

Once again, my father came to Singapore. Most of my friend knew that my father come quite often and when he came, I will always have a chance to eat nice and good food that I have been craving for quite some times.

This week, what had I ate?

1) Ma Maison (Oh, I love their food especially the Napolitan Spaghetti)
These are some of the food I ate that day. Even though the pictures look dimmed, but the foods still look nice right? They are really tasty!!!

2) Kuishinbou - Suntec City

It is one of my favourite restaurant. That day ate a lot...sashimi, snow crab, lobster, dessert...bla bla bla...omg!!! They are really yummy!!! That day was lazy, so didn't take any picture of the foods.

3) Marche - Vivo City

Had nice lunch with my father and aunt before my father head back to KL. Long time never visit Marche....! I love the crepe, the soup, caramari....yum yum yum!!!

Today is the busiest day in my whole semester. 2 classes, meeting up FYP prof, Rotaract Club Installation (I am in charged of decorating the venue), MSA main comm BBQ, Lao Jiao gathering, P & G recruitment talk...omg... End up i couldn't go for some of the gathering... Sorry guys...

Rainy Day

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day....

Yup, it has been raining almost every day recently. I love rain, but not on the day that I feel like going out.

Rainy days make me think of many things that happened in the past regardless of the happy or sad moment. Most of the rainy days make me emo. But, I like that feeling. I think, I love the feeling of calming down and be alone, thinking of the things that happened in the past.

Celebrated Merdeka Night yesterday. Great job every one, love the people, love the performaces, love the effort that put by the Merdeka Night committees.

Taking 10 AUs this sem plus FYP. Hope that I won't be too slack throughout the sem. I want to learn more things so that I can have a fruitful sememster. =)

Just Some Updates

Finally, school reopened. Sorry for MIA for quite some times. FOC was OK, just that this year not many freshies join cause the intake from Malaysia had been decreased. The number of seniors are more than the juniors. Freshies this year are a bit slow and blur...lol, I am not the only 1 who think that hor...

NTU is quite happening these days. On top of school days, this week is the Welcome Week for the freshies. Lots of goodie goodie around. Lectures are OK, still undecisive of taking certain module.

Pissed with my stupid FYP professor. He is dumb and useless. How can he forget about us and gave our title to another group and causes us to change the title? HELLO, Globalization and Income Disparity in Singapore is so much easier to do than Globalization and the impact of Singapore Industrial Structure please....ARGH~!








Why would I be so stupid and doing so much?

Why people just like to take things for granted?

Why am I so stupid staying here and look at people's face?

Why do I need to care of what people said?


MSA Senior Camp

Was having senior camp for the pass few days. Know lots of friend. Enjoyed the games. But, still quite worry about the GLs. Not sure whether they really know their actual role for being a GL or not.

Stupid juniors just created a stupid cheer for me yesterday. Lame! They do enjoy themselves. But I dont really care, I am proud of what I have, and what makes me special.

Was a model last night. I thought I can ran away from it, but too bad, no chance! Never mind, last year already.

Thanks to Mr. KX, I have a video that is about myself. LAME~ That kid too free d... Thanks any way.

Nice food for the 8th and 9th day

Like what the title said, yea, I had nice food on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday (18/7) - After watching Harry Potter 6 with Kenny at SB, I had dinner with my aunty and uncle at some where near Paya Lebar, Woh Peng Restaurant. It's a restaurant that sell HK food. It is quite famous I think, lots of artist went there for meal before. The service was so so but the foods were marvelous. The chicken taste so nice and finely done. Once u bite on the chicken, you can really hear the cryspy sound form the skin of the chicken. Not to mention about the fish, it costs us $100 just for that fish, but of course, it's nice.

Sunday (19/7) - Had a meal at Sizzler Suntec city. Not too bad, just that the choice of food so too little. Had nice NYDC cake and Bakerzin cakes too...

Aww...getting fatter and fatter...

Nice food for 1 week

Yeay, I had nice food for 1 whole week (7 days). These food might not be fantastic for many of you, but it's already considered as good food for me!!

Last Saturday (11/7) - Cafe Cartel, Bishan. Ate with uncle, aunty and my cousins.Had nice pork ribs and salad.

Sunday (12/7) - Shokudo, The Heeren. Watched Ice Age 3 (3D) that day. Shopped alone in Orchard after that. Decided to pamper myself with nice Japanese food.

Monday (13/7) - Dian Xiao Er, Vivo. Father came that day. Dian Xiao Er is famous with their roasted duck. But that day, duck was so so only, but XO fried rice was nice. Sorry Sein Chyi for couldn't meeting her up that day.

Tuesday (14/7) - Shokudo (again), Raffle City. Father wanted to eat, so Ok lo. Had dinner there with father and god father. Haha, god father is there, so I can order without looking at the price. Had nice BBQ prawn with bacon, ice cream, Japanese pizza, bla bla bla...

Wednesday (15/7) - Pepper Lunch for lunch and Crystal Jade for dinner. Took half day leave that day to shop with aunts and father. God father tooth pain that day, so ate Crystal Jade's ramen for dinner. The $1 fish was nice~

Thursday (16/7) - Soup Restaurant (San Zhong Liang Jian). They are famous with their chicken and no doubt, it was NICE~ After that, had Bakerzin's cakes and latte for desert. I enjoyed myself last night.

Friday, just now (17/7) - Singapore Tourism Board had their Peranakan Food Fest opening at Clark Quay later. My god father have to be there, he is 1 of the VIP. So, my father and I went there to help out a bit here and there later. We had some peranakan food and after that had our dinner at Tung Lok Signatures. It was really nice! The fish alone is already cost $40+. Felt so pampered... =) After the dinner, we sent my father off...

Yeay, I enjoyed myself this whole week. Of course, spend quite a lot on foods and shoppings. Glad that my father is here, haha...I can eat like crazy... Oh...but I quite sad also...spoiling my diet plan..lol...never mind, pamper myself for this whole week. =)

Random Updates

Love the weather these morning. Windy. Nice~

Have been spending a lot for these few days. On clothes (Great Singapore Sales mer), on chocolate, on movie, on foods...bla bla bla...

Still wondering whether I should get a new handphone. Whether I should buy a new handphone or I should renew my contract with Singtel.. What do you think? lol...

Father came yesterday. Spending my time with him yesterday evening...yeay, he bought me a jacket...haha...

Watched Ice Age 3 twice...lol, I know i am crazy...

Working life is as boring as usual, but luckily can online, play facebook, MSN, listening to music, watch drama series...

That's all for today. =)


I fall sick already!!!

Saya jatuh sakit!!!

私は 病気でした


I am so lazy do update about my Bangkok trip. I'll update when I feel like it...haha...

Slacking all these while in the office. Really nothing much for us to do. Bought myself another earphone to listen to music and songs while working.

Was listening to Celine Dion and some oldies these days... Beatles, Carpenters, ABBA, Air Supply... Their songs are really nice! Relax and soothing. Looking for Beach Boys.

I love ABBA and Close To You from Carpenters simple because their songs reminded me of the concerts and the choir. I still remember some of the dance steps for those songs. All the guys in choir should have hated "take a chance" from ABBA, cause our part was just boring, keep "take a chance, take a chance, take a take a chance chance" for that part, dance steps wasn't easy tho.. Miss the time where KL requested the DJ of the party in Olomouc to sing Mamamia and Dancing Queen. The choir people don't feel paiseh at all lo, all go out and dance for both songs in front of all audience. But I can see, they were enjoying it,haha.

On top of listening to the songs, as usual, I am still FB-ing and MSN-ing...haha.. Aww...craving for steamboat~

Cantemus 2008 and Competition

There was a special or rather unique feeling when I was on my way back home yesterday. Not because of I am peeping on other people's sms (like what CH did), not because of watching people got scolded (lich CH), it's because of what I was listening. *opps, sorry CH...haha...*

As usual, once I got into NTU-pioneer shuttle bus, I switched on my ipod nano. Was listening to the songs that I've shuffled previously. This song was playing after some songs. "I've been in the storm so long, I've been in the storm so long children..." I was shocked. I never realise that I did sync last year concert songs, Cantemus 2008 into my ipod. This is the 1st time I heard Cantemus 2008's song from my ipod.

Without any hesitation, I played that album. Listening to Pasigin, Katakataka, Yamko Rambe... It was really a very sweet memory when thinking back every thing that NTU choir has gone through last year. It wasn't an easy year for me because I am lack of experience. Always out of tune here and there, scolded by Gerald, nagged by Chin Yuan.. I kept trying and trying. the whole experience is really memorable. I really miss those times where choir are so noisy in Ah Fang, inside MRT before and after caroling, singing together on the way back hall after practises...haha....yea, I know we were noisy...but, cant blame us what, our voice is our instrument, haha..

I miss Cantemus 2008. It was the 1st time I performed in Victoria Concert Hall. Listening to all the shouting, clapping, and cheering was really enjoyable. I was the main lead last year for second half. The feeling of singing and dancing and being the main focus for half of the concert was MARVELOUS! Something that I wont forget for life!

I miss Festival of Song 2008, Czech Republic. It is really something MEMORABLE!! I bet all of us who went for the competition will not forget any single thing of the whole process. No doubt, practises were tough, because we are expecting a gold. Every 1 met each other at least 3 times a week for practises. We had fun, we got scolded, we got nagged, we were bonded together. After so many circumrances, at last we were there in Olomouc, for the competition. I wouldn't forget the feeling when the emcee announced that NTU choir got category champion for our category. It was "undescribable". We were shouting, hugging each other, crying... Yea,,,i miss those times....

Haih, 1 and a half more months to go for our very 1st practise. I realy miss choir very much!!! I want to see every 1, I wan to sing with every 1, joke with every 1....

I am going back to KL!!!

Yeap, I am now at the Budget Terminal, Singapore waiting for my flight that's depart at 315pm. Thank to the bus driver, I have to take cab to the Budget Terminal, she directed my the wrong stop to alight. Ate a hamburger, now waiting at the lobby.

The Budget Terminal is as crowded as usual, but the only difference is, some of them are wearing a mask, including me, haha. Yea, many thanks to H1N1. I just hope that every thing will be alright, I don want to get infected.

Flying to Bangkok tomorrow. these few days, Thailand's H1N1 cases increase drastically. It rises to about 158 cases today. But according to my friend who are working in Bangkok, she said every thing seems alright. There are still as many tourist as usual. So, i just hope that every thing is OK. Like I said, I don want to get infected. So, just pray harder. Stay healthy, eat healthy, sleep early....bla bla bla...


Yo guys, it's time to update my blog again. Were being lazy and addicted to drama and cartoon series, that's why didn't update any thing.

Last weekend was a very fulfilling weekend. Kenny and I went to Malacca, which is his home town for weekend trip. Haha, got free accomodation and drivers, lol. We went there on Friday night and that was the 1st time I saw Kranji MRT station and the customs are so so so super crowded. Lot's of people there. Yea, it was peak period, anak-anak Malaysia sekalian are going back home. We were in Kranji Mrt Station at 7pm, reach JB custom were 9pm, crazy right? Luckily Kenny's brother was patients enough to wait for us and brought us for dinner and drove us to Malacca.

Next day, we woke up kinda early for Dim Sum. Actually the Dim Sum were so so only. Kudos to Kenny's shooting skills, it looks nice in the pictures. Had breakfast with Ivan and jalan-jalan abit around Malacca. Pity Kenny cause he drop his slipper into the sea,lol!! That day we had lot's of nice food, other than Dim Sum, we had nyonya food, cendol and sate celup, NICE!!! Met Nicholas and friends went we were on the way to musical fountain. The fountain was nothing much, like what Kenny said, "the fountain got music and fountain". It means that, music is music, fountain is fountain, they have no link, the fountain wont "dance" with the musical rythm, it will "do" what it wants,haha. Went jonker street and eye of Malaysia as well.

Dim Sum...is not as nice as what u see...

Took this picture at kampung portugis

The scenery is nice~

That's Kenny's slipper...pity pity...

The cloud and the skies look nice right??

Look at that Ivan, act cute...

Nice Laksa and Babi Ponteh

Sate Celup!!!! Yummy~

Kenny's favourite

With the kids...

Look at Kenny, keep teaching Adrian how to take pictures

Doing stupid pose...

Eye of Malaysia

Doing stupid faces =)

The last day of the trip was nothing much. But, I had a super duper nice nyonya food for FREE! Haha, not exactly free la, it was bill to my Godfather. My godfather ask me to this place named Nancy's Kitchen Restaurant at jonker street to take some stuffs. He asked me to try the nyonya food too. It's not those normal cheap cheap type of nyonya food, it is those damn nice type of nyonya food, haha. We tried. The meal and those kuih were superb, I will definitely go back again!! After lunch, we came back to Singapore.

Nice soup...

Normal Vegetable with belacan

Babi Asam, MUST try!!

Nice poh piah!

Pie Tee...Kenny, remember, the name is Pie Tee..hehe

The donno what Ayam that I had forgotten the name

Today was fun too. Kenny and I (again) went to City Square to shop, movie and eat. Haha, it's much cheaper because we are earning Singapore dollar and spent in JB. Had Kim Gary for lunch, and Secret Recipe for tea break. We watched "17 again" some more! Haha, looking forward for tomorrow's programme.

Slackest day among all

Like the title, today is my slackest day among all the days I had work in MAE office. Basically, i have done all the things that are required. Further more, my supervisor is on leave from today until Friday. The other staffs have nothing for us to do. After checking what I've done for the pass few days, for the remaining of the time, I was MSN-ing, Facebook-ing and Movie watching. LOL.

So, what movie I've watched today? Haha, all are Pokemon Movies, there are Giratina And The Sky Warrior, Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew and Pokemon Ranger And The Temple Of The Sea. Haha...all are damn nice please!

This is the United States title for the 11th Pokemon anime movie and the second movie in the Diamond & Pearl trilogy.
Secpnd movie of the day is Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. This is a animated film directed by Kunihiko Yuyama as the eighth film in the Pokemon franchise. It is a story about the pass, now and the future.
For the 3rd movie, this is a 2007 Japanese animated film directed by once again Kunihiko Yutama as the fourth Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation film, and the ninth Pokemon film overall.
Haha, all these moview are available on You tube. Just go and search, you'll find it. ^wink^

Ding ding ding

Hello, it's time to update my blog again. Recently no home cooked food eat cause my aunt went back to Kl, sob~ But, she will be coming back again on Wednesday,wee!!!

Went out with friends during the weekend. I went vivo with Lilian. OMG!! Great Singapore Sales are making the Singapore Residents crazy. It was so crowded in Vivo. I can see every 1 is queueing to pay. Haha, I bought myself a pants from TopMan. The original price were S%79, now is S$29, so happy! Ate is Swensens with Lilian. I am seriously love Swensen's Salad Bar..it's nice!!

Visited my godfather yesterday. Treated him a meal. We went to Mel's Place, a western bar & bistro that is just few shops away from my godfather's shop. The foods were not bad, just a bit ex. But never mind, he had treated me very well, treating him an expensive meal is actual nothing from what he had given to me. Before I went back home, he gave me nice peranakan kuih and nice bak jang... I'm loving it!! I love peranakan bak jang, it's so nice...

Today started working again. Haha, I hate waking up early in the morning. But no choice. Whole day din really do much stuffs, most of the time were facebook-ing and msn-ing...haha.. Jia you people!!!


Yo, people, I am here again, during working hour.

Today is even more slack, because there are only 3 staffs here the whole day. They are busying with their stuffs and not bothering us (2 part timer). Of course, we wont miss this chance to take out own sweet time. For the whole morning until now, I have only key in 46 data and scan 5 sets of documents, which is so much slower than my usual (1st and 2nd day) speed. Hehe....

Have been refreshing my facebook, NTU MSA forum and my blog few times today. Yea..this is me and another part timer usually do. I am very sure that he is now using his head phone and viewing the movie he just downloaded or youtube...hehe..

SO, jia you for thsoe who need to work like crazy~

Happy Dumpling Festival~

Siu bak zhang~ siu bak zhang... Yep, today is the 5th of May in chinese calendar, which is the Dumpling Festival of the year. Every 1 will eat bak zhang and have their "reunion dinner" with their beloved family.

This year, I am working part time in Singapore. At 1st thought of I wont have nice bak zhang and reunion dinner, but but but.. luckily, I still have my beloved aunt here in Singapore. Have been eating nice bak zhang in the pass few days, tonight will have nice dinner with aunt, uncle and cousins, wee~

Today, the Circle Line started to operate. I am so happy that Marymount MRT station is very near to my aunt's place, it's within walking distance. Although it is a long distance from my aunt's place to NTU, but at least, with this Circle Line, it helps to shorten my travelling time.

That's all for this morning... Once again, Happy Dumpling Festival.

*updated while working~*

New Job!!!

This is the second day I work in MAE graduate office. Basically, nothing much to do just key in and edit some information online. Started feeling boring~

GoiNG baCk HoME~

Yo, once again, I will be going home later, 1130am bus, from Novena to Bangsar, KL.

At 1st, planned to go to Cameron Highland for a short trip and visitting granny. But, mummy say H1N1 getting serious wor, Cameron Highland got lots of Ang Mo, so, couldn't go. Never mind, just go back home walk walk, eat eat and sleep sleep lo. Looking forward on this coming Thursday, will go sing k with friends, craving for that...long time never go k box already.

I purposely stop my surveyor job earlier to go back home because I am gonig to work as Research Assistant back in NTU on next monday. Gonna relax before working like mad? Haha, looking forward for the circle line to start operate, then I can save more time...

Alright, its getting late...night!~


ALright alright, its time to update...don nag don nag...

So, exam finished, went back home few days to relax...went to malacca too....cause I really miss the sate celup....saw many NTU people at the jonker street...

Started to work...as a surveyor. Mmm...this job, can say is quite fun but tiring at times because I need to travel here and there around Singapore and meeting up people from different industries to do the survey on different government agencies. It is actually a survey project from Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore. So, it is really fun to meet different type of poeple, some are nice, some are nasty, some are naggy, some are fussy, some are...bla bla bla...

Yea, I went to some where that is damn ulu today....Changi Cargo Road...siao!!!! After I reach there only I realise the address that they gave me is a wrong 1...luckily I have concession card...or else...money run like water....hehe...

Tommorow's appointment will be at town area and will be end aroudn 12 noon...yeay!!! Can meet my father and aunts for lunch!!!

20 marks gone...

FCUK FCUK FCUK FCUK FCUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea...I know I am dumb!!! how can I lost 20 marks for my paper just now...its just so damn shit... I just fail to prove that equation that need to use for another part... so whole question GONE...it s totally GONE!!!!!

What the F!!!! The worst thing is after I submit the paper and still keep trying in examination hall...I can do it.....yea....FCUK...I can do it AFTER SUBMITTING my paper. Wy I am just so dumb in doing math? Why? Why I am just so slow...Why cant I solve those things faster?

Maybe I shall blame on my study method...every time when I saw math equation, I'll just jump to other part...I shall learn to deal with math...I shall ask other people to teach me math...I shall start learning all the F6 math during holiday...

ARGH!!!!!!!!! I am so geram...poor lappie...I am keep banging him now...nvm...just let me emo an evening....will be ok soon....I GUESS....

14/4 - GV17 The Magic of VOice Production in the World of Singer (DOWN)
21/4 - HE220 Survey Method and Sampling Technique (DOWN)
24/4 - HE305 Environmental Economics (DOWN)
28/4 - HE310 Energy Economics

2nd paper...DOWN!

Aiks...around 10 marks of my paper gone today. 1stly, din do part of the section for 1 question and....din realise there is this "When there is no prior information about the population proportion p, then p could be set to 0.5" statement at the end of the formula sheet...darn...no wonder I couldn't get a proper answer. Time are just too limited, no time to "explore" the formula sheet.

2 of my friend that I always study with wont be studying with me in the library for the remaining of this semester. 1 had his last paper this morning, 1 had his "so call" last paper this afternoon. Sien, like what my MSN nick said, "Left the Ipod Nano accompanying me"!!! Who is going to give me motivation, morning call, accompanying me for lunch and hook seat for me in the library? SOB...

Need to pack my stuffs before next wednesday, cause I am moving out soon. And I realise, I have so so so so so much to pack!! Many things will need to give out, like my cooking ingredients, food bla bla bla... Who wan? Text me please...

Hopefully I will get a job really soon for this coming holiday... ~


14/4 - GV17 The Magic of VOice Production in the World of Singer (DOWN)
21/4 - HE220 Survey Method and Sampling Technique (DOWN)
24/4 - HE305 Environmental Economics
28/4 - HE310 Energy Economics

I should ask myself:


14/4 - GV17 The Magic of VOice Production in the World of Singer (DOWN)
21/4 - HE220 Survey and Sampling Method
24/4 - HE305 Environmental Economics
28/4 - HE310 Energy Economics






Random post

Again, I am typing all these in HE220 tutorial. Life recently are kinda bad, erm.. as in a lot of things to do, a lot of date lines to meet. And it is really really not fun. Stupid 310 keep ging extra home work and presentations... ARGH!!!!! It's really not fun! And the presentation is so so near to examinations...WTH!

PHO210's assignment need to due soon and I still haven find all of my ideal pictures to print out. How How How? Need to worry about where to store my belongings after exam, we have to shift out soon...argh... Recently not that feeling well too. Feel tired, sleepy and eyes always red. Elaine said might be because of infection. Ok, we will see how tmr after seeing doctor.

Give back my peaceful day please...I wan it so so so so much!!!

By the way, to my Malaysia friend, I am going back to KL on 29th April, wee~ By flight wei... Recently air ticket are damn cheap, even cheaper than taking bus back to KL from Singapore.

K la, stop the crap, need to listen to the heck that he is going to say now...cya!

1 more month to exam

So, this is the time where you can see more and more people camp around NTU. Old and new canteen A, libraries, benches, tutorial room and many many places more.

Exams are really drawing near and there are still so many datelines to meet. Kinda stress up recently. Some more recently got abit sore throat, thanks to McD...haha..cant blame McD also, blame me for addited to McD's french fries.

The best way to destress during exam is to eat, sleep and of course CAMWHORE!!!!

Nice pictures right? I'll make sure it will have alot more!! =)

Cantemus 2009: The Beat Goes On

Yesterday was NTU CAC Choir's Concert. After preparing so long for the concert, at last, it endded yesterday. It brought is joy, happiness, satisfaction and many other feelings that I couldn't descrebe through words. I will be truly missing or my choir members and my beloved tenors because the next practice might need to wait until August this year. It will be definitely a hard time for me because I will surely miss my peeps a lot...yea...it's A LOT. Of course, I will miss our beloved Mr. Yong too.

We reach VCH about 1:15pm yesterday. Were doing rehearsal, testing out mics and lightings and bla bla bla... Oh yea, credits to our beloved helpers too. Luckily we have them to help us yesterday, yea...I owe u guys a pot of soup, will fulfill what I promised soon.

The Rehearsal

Changing Time!!! Don't any how take pictures hor

This picture was took when I am wearing my contact lense and Mic is spiking his hair

Took this picture with Dr. Lee and Prof. Lok

Concert started at 7:30. Yea, I am really happy to saw my "papa" sitting there with my god father. Thanks for reschedule your time and purposely come over for my concert, love you! 1st song was Asa Yueni. We sang with alumni. FX and YH are really great, cause its really damn freaking hard to sing the solo part for this song. Although this song is weird for most of the audience (I think), but I still love this song very very much. Next is Shinjiru. This is the song that the whole choir like the most, and we can see that the audience like it too.

3rd song was Diu Diu Dang A. Of course, I felt a bit disappointed because we couldn't do the choreo for this song. I am not sure its whether because of us or Mr. Tham, but, just a bit disappointed because we couldn't perform the "full pakage" of Diu Diu Dang A. Throughout the song, I tabbed Nic a few time, haha...why? Ask him yourself. Kmloh is a TAiwanese tribal song underlining the importance of rice as the Tayal people's source of food, income, and umtimately, life. It was OK as usual.

After the alumni (our guest choir) sang, its our turn for the remaining 4 songs of the 1st half. Animal Crackers, a song consist of 3 part: The Panther, The Cow and The Firefly. I think the audience like it, because the dynamic change were indeed dramatic. Hope that we did it better than NUS Choir,haha. Next is Seal Lullaby. Yea, as the name, it's a lullaby. Heard that some of the friend said, they really fall asleep for this song. I am happy to heard that actually, because the "lullaby" was successful.

The last 2 songs for 1st half were Bartok and Cantemus, both are Hungarian song. For the audience point of view, Bartok might sound weird because it's actually a sad and "suffering" song. But I like it a lot because the mood of the song are changing from part to part. I really can "feel" the song when seeing Mr Yong conducting it. Cantemus means To Sing. This song sums up what the choir does best - to sing with passion and tenacity.

While singing Asa Yueni, the 1st song

The Guys...

After 15 minutes break, it's time for the second half. Second half is the section where we will sing and dance at the same time. The feel for this year is something like 60s or 70s something like that. The song that we performed were You Can't Stop The Beat, I Get Around, Defying Gravity and The Beat Goes On which is a medley. It was fun to sing and dance. Hopefully our enthusiasm will imppress the audience. =)

Haha, I am impressed by Hari's pose

The last pose for the Medley

Taking pictures after the concert,cheese....

Yea, I had a blue hair day, and I love it!!!


Taking picture with Mr. Yong

With Mr Tham

Taking picture at the back stage

I personally like this pic, Ariel, not because you are pretty hor, is because I am handsome,haha

I am surprise that Ivan will do such a funny face~

After the concert, of course, it's the camwhore session. The night ends with celebrating Li Rong, our VP's birthday.. Aww...its so Xin Fu to have birthday celebration in such a remarkable day. Haha, Happy Birthday LR!!!

Happt Birthday Li Rong!!!

Today went out with father for dinner. Yeay, went to my favourite Marche AGAIN! Haha. Of course, my god father were there as well. That's why I am happy, because I can order regardless on looking at the price. Had a sinful dinner just now...yummy!!


Recently my uni are kinda weird.. Mm...maybe I should say, it's EEE school weird, or EEE's feng sui not good this year? There are 2 people from school of EEE commited suicide in 1 week. OMG!!! NTU got into news paper twice for such a shocking news in 1 week.

A student from school of EEE stabbed a proffessor from EEE and commited suicide by jumping down from 5th floor at block S1, read more for more info

A staff from EEE
were found hanging himself at the balcony on Friday night, for more information, read this:

In the same week, a student from NUS found died in his hostel PGP after drinking too much alcohol and lead to breathing difficulty:

What a tragedy. I seriously don't understand what is happening. I hope that nothing will be happen again in both university....