Concert and family visit ~

My family was sweet enough to travel all the way from KL for my choir concert.

After practiced for about 8 months, finally, it's over. The concert this year not as good as what I expected. I guess there are still a lot more effort we need to put in, in order to have s better concert next year. But well, most importantly is the experience and the relationships that build among the members. I do see a strong bond among them, which is a good thing! I'm happy about that. Thank my friends who came and support too.

I have spent some great time with my family these days. We had lots of laughters, chit chatting session, great food includes TCC, Kuishinbou, Korean BBQ, Scoopz.... I enjoyed a lot. I love hanging around with my family. After started this new job, it's harder for me to go back home that often. I should cherish every moment that we have. ~