Yesterday was a tiring day for me. 2 colleagues are on leave, therefore, the rest of us need to cover their works. Despite of my seniors helped us to run our reports while we are attending the system trainings, but the remaining things that I needed to do are still more than usual. But, I felt happy and fruitful. Because it shows that I am important to the company and trusted to be able to complete more task for a limited time frame.

My father still the same since last Saturday, refuse to talk to me much. Well, I have did what I can, initiate the conversations, buy him nice foods, and calling him from Singapore. Let's see how long I can stand him before I explode, lol. So, why he refuse to talk to me? The incident happened last Saturday. My father is a hair dresser. Since young, he is the person who cuts my hair. A primary school mate of mine also working as a hair dresser and have been always asking me to give him some supports by letting him to cut my hair. What I think is, no harm supporting a friend, right? But, I know my father might mind, therefore, I told him few days before that Saturday. He seems pretty alright with it. We even talked about my primary school mate and which salon he is working in.

Without further ado, I proceed with the hair cut on that Saturday right after I alight at KL. Once I reached home later in that saturday afternoon, guess what...my father just stare at me and his whole face was as black as 包青天. I don't understand and consulted my mum. Mummy said that he is angry because of I letting my friend to give me a hair cut. I was like...WTH???!?!? I told you before I did it. If you are not happy and don wan me to do it, you should tell me! But not act like a kid and give me this kind of face when I'm home. My mum said that he is being overly "small gas". Well, fine. Since that he is my father, I'll continue to please him. Let's see how long he can keep that black face and how long I can tolerate. :p

Yesterday was Luisa's last day after working with the bank for almost 4 years. People come, people go. I guess it's normal? We had a nice lunch yesterday at Chilis, Tanglin Mall. Love their chicken wings. This is the picture of it. Please go and try it some day. ~

Home sweet home

So nice to be home. Took 2 days leave and came back to KL for mothers' day celebration. Miss mum's food soooooooo much. Yummy! ~

Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee @ Hong Lim Hawker

Queue for about 20 minutes. Saw lots of compliment about this curry chicken bee hoon mee stall located at the Hong Lim Hawker Centre.

The noodle is quite nice. It will be better if the gravy is thicker and the chicken is more tender. But I'm quite satisfied.

My aunt bought An Kee Braised Duck as well. I quite like it as well. Nice gravy, nice tofu, just that the duck is not soft enough.

Basically, both foods quite satisfying. Worth a try.

Concert and family visit ~

My family was sweet enough to travel all the way from KL for my choir concert.

After practiced for about 8 months, finally, it's over. The concert this year not as good as what I expected. I guess there are still a lot more effort we need to put in, in order to have s better concert next year. But well, most importantly is the experience and the relationships that build among the members. I do see a strong bond among them, which is a good thing! I'm happy about that. Thank my friends who came and support too.

I have spent some great time with my family these days. We had lots of laughters, chit chatting session, great food includes TCC, Kuishinbou, Korean BBQ, Scoopz.... I enjoyed a lot. I love hanging around with my family. After started this new job, it's harder for me to go back home that often. I should cherish every moment that we have. ~

Flamin' Grill Steakhouse @ East Coast Road

Had a great dinner with my god father at this newly opened restaurant.

They are not only providing great food, they do provide good service too.

I have ordered a grill ribeye steak while my god father has ordered a grill salmon. We have chose the "all inclusive" set which includes a salad, soup of the day, a side dish and a drink.

I really enjoyed my dinner this evening. Will definitely go back again.


I am officially employed for a month in another 2 days time.

I am currently working as a Fund Accountant in a foreign bank. I love the job, the colleagues, the company so far. I have been learning a lot of new things lately and most importantly, it is related to my degree.

Working as a Fund Accountant can be challenging especially when they are different FX purchases, investments, trades and etc for the day and you are required to submit your report to your client before the dead lines.

I have been trying to cope, learn and be more efficient. Thanks to the good team mates I have, everything seems to be smooth so far.

The job nature of what I am doing currently is also a lot different from my previous job. I love jobs that only required me to work on the weekdays. At least, I still have my own time doing what I like and hang out with friends.

Looking forward for another brand new week. Hope that there are new things for me to learn and improve. ~

Dinner @ Tawandang, Suntec City

It was the first time I am so excited about "TGIF" after so many 12 months. Not the restaurant, but the great feeling of Friday because I am not required to work for the next 2 days.

Met up with Kenny for dinner. Tawandang served quite a range of interesting Thai food where we can't really find them in other Thai restaurant. Food was not bad but I think the price is a bit too high. Quite satisfied especially their coconut shake. ~

Saturday outing

Met up with Ariel, Yi Chin, Ian, Ming Hui, Kar Kai and Kay Shien at Ba Shu Ren Jia located at Geylang Road. It has been a while since the last meet up. Had great steamboat, great chat and of course great durian after our meal.

Every one is so different. We have changed. The topics that we had today are so different compared to what we used to have previously. They are talking about work, about purchasing a house, about having a family in future, about...

Every one is progressing but looking at myself, it seems like I am still stepping on the same place for years. I think I shall really plan on what I want to achieve in future and put in more efforts in achieving my dreams. ~

Yes, I am eating again

Went for a medical check up for my new job this morning. I'm shocked when the nurse told me about my weight. But who cares? I just love eating good foods so much. Some times we shouldn't care too much about what other people thinks, and just do things that make us happy.

Ate with my ex-manager at Toa Payoh. It's nice meeting her again, she's a wonderful lady. :) And guess what, I am currently having my tea at TCC while blogging. Haha. Happy eating! ~

Paradise Inn @ 313 Somerset

Had a great dinner at Paradise Inn with my god father and father before he goes back to KL tomorrow. Paradise Inn is always a good choice. They have great food, great staffs, great services, just that their prices are slightly expensive.

I just came back to Singapore today and immediately went to Millenia Tower and sign my offer letter. I'm officially employed under BNY Mellon. Wee...will start working next Monday, kinda excited. Wish me luck! ~

Yum yum yum

Had a great tea time and dinner with my mum and sister. Yum...~

Us & CNY

It's great to meet up with your teenage-hood buddies. You can see how difference we are now as compared to our teenage time.

I enjoyed my time with them, we eat, drink, laugh, bitch and of course gamble. I really hope to spend more time with them because I don't know when is the next time I'll come back to KL again.

Friendship forever. ~








It's a cool place for the kids and families. It's nice to take pictures and walk around with your love ones. Just that, the parking fee is way too expensive. ~