It's not about the words,
But it's about the hurts.
It's not about the conversations,
But it's about the trusts between us.
It's not about what I've heard,
But it's about the pain that I've suffered.
It's not about the rain,
But it's about the tear drops from my pain.
It's not about the weather,
But it's about whether we can still spend time together.
Don't ask me why, just give me some time.

Exam period is drawing near. Every one is studying like mad. Of couse, including me. Although I only have 3 modules this sem, but I am doing my best too.

NIE Choir evaluation is overed. There are still 2 more papers left for this semester. The preparation for my Principle of Marketing paper and Cost-Benefit Analysis can considered "seven seven eight eight", still working hard on some chapters and answering skills.

Honestly, I think the evaluation for NIE Choir was quite bad. I really hated myself for counting wrongly and did not enter correctly. Sian! I hate "By Waters Clear and Flowing" and Chloe's mother. Her piano skills is so iritating!

Never mind, bygone is bygone. What I need to do is focus on the papers. Haih...quite worry for my CBA also..