Europe Trip: 6th stop - Innsbruck, Austria

Sorry for not updating my blog recently, was kinda busy also. School reopen already, lots of tutorials, need to read alot of reading materials, just finish NTU Ministry production not long ago, praise the LORD!!

Well, I should continue to write about my trip in Europe. After Salzburg, our next stop is Inssbruck. This is also a very interesting place. The technology here are higher (transportation) and this place is right beside the Alps, yeah!!! Innsbruck is the coldest place that we explored in Austria. Once we reach, I have to wear jacket and scarf. We stayed in Penzion Paula. It is a small but nice penzion, we even have attached bathroom for only 55 Euro per night. Consider cheap already la, dont complain too much, in Europe what, what you expect? Haha. That day, Innsbruck is full of Sweden and Spain's fans. Because there will be a match at Innsbruck the next day. They were cheering, shouting, promoting here and there, there are also a band that will perform around the city area to support Spain,wow!! On that day, we went such as Alpenzoo that is located not more than 500m from our penzion, the Golden Dachl which is at the city centre, Museum Im Zeughaus, Basilika Wilten, Schloss Ambras...

Scenery outside of our hotel

Some Pictures in Alpen Zoo

In Basilika Wilten

In Schloss Ambras

The Golden Dachl (nth much actually)

Football Heat!!!

The Spain supporters

Our dinner that evening,yummy!

For the next day, all of our destinations are the "snow mountain" that is along the Alps. Luckily there are cable cars for us, or else, I wont even want to go up there,haha... Yea lah yea lah, I am always lazy 1. The scenery on top of the mountain is very very nice. We can see a lot of creature and plants that only grow on top of the mountain. Of course, we took a lot of pictures too. The 1st mountain that we went was the Patcherkofel which has 1905m height. It was really cold. I wore 1 jacket, 1 wind breaker and a scarf,haha. The second mountain was more fun, because it has more snow (or ice). It is quite near to our hotel, which is the Nordpark which has 2260m height. We enjoy ourselves very very much!!!

Some pictures on top of the Patscherkofel

Some pictures on top of the Nordpark and the picture or our snow....owl?hehe
So, thats all for Innsbruck. Actually, Innsbruck have a lot of things and places to explore, just that we have not enough time, thats why have to leave this place after staying in Innsbruck for 2 nights. So the next stop, I will be exploring around alone, kinda exciting le. Cause Davin need to go back to Vienna and take his flight back to Singapore while I will be taking flight to London from Linz. Will update about Linz on the next post. =)

Europe Trip: 5th stop - Salzburg, Austria

Sorry for not updating my blog recently, because I was busy preparing for the FOC, choir performance, drama performance and stuffs...

Yep, our 5th stop was at Salzburg, it's the place where Mozart was born and lived. We stayed in 1 of the hostel that is located in Aigner Strasse. Although this hostel is not so convenient from the main railway station, but it is very near to the city area. From the railway station, we took bus 2,5 or 6 to Mozartsteg and take bus 7 to go to Aigner Strasse. This hostel is small, but very nice, and the most important is, it's cheap. It's the cheapest hostel that we got for the whole Europe Trip! The receptionist is nice too, they gave us a room that doesn't have any 1 booked before hand. Means that the whole big room is belongs to both of us, yeah!!!

That afternoon was drizzling. It was already quite cold in Salzburg, plus drizzling, it was colder. But who cares, we still walked around with umbrella to explore the city area. Along the way, we saw a lot of nice restaurant and a lot of football fans walking around. That afternoon, we visited Mozart Wohnhaus which is Mozart Residence and Mozart's birth place. It is the museum that let every 1 see the instruments that belongs to Mozart and family, listen to the recording that they gave us that talk about Mozart's history and to listen to the music that composed by him. We saw a lot of his instruments such as piano, violin, harpsicord, pipie organ... At the same time, we saw a lot of his original piece. For those who learn piano or some classical instrument, i am pretty sure that they will like this place. But personally, i think Mozart and his family are quite rich le, they are staying in a big house and there are a lot of instruments. But sadly, Mozart passed away when he was 35, what a short life... There are alot of souvenir in both of this place as well, most of them also related to Mozart, such as Mozart chocolate, tissue paper with his piece, CD... Of course, I bought some of it,hehe... That evening, we had our dinner in 1 of the chinese restaurant. We paid for 8.90 euro for "eat-as much-as-we-like" buffet. The food was kinda nice.

Nice scenery =)In the city area

Mozart's Residence
Some of the stuffs that belongs to Mozart
Mozart's picture
One of the Mozart's piano
The next day, we went for Panorama Sounds Of Music Tour. It was a bus tour of several of the sites seen in the classic film The Sounds Of Music. "The hills are alive with the sounds of music...", still remember this song? I bet for those who watched this film before will know this song. It was a wonderful ride with breathtaking views of the landscape where the opening scenes were filmed. We visited Leopoldskron Castle, Hellbrunn Castle, St. Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang, Wedding Church Mondsee and the Lake Mondsee. We saw a lot, really a lot of nice scenery. No wonder they chose this place to film The Sounds of Music. There are a lot of shops around the Wedding Church Mondsee. We tried the pasta at 1 of the pasta shop that recommented by the tour guide, and guess what, that was the nicest pasta I had ever tried!!! No other pasta that i had tried so far can "fight" with this, it was super duper NICE!!! Ah, my saliva is coming out once I think bout it. Our tour ended at the Mirabell Garden which is the place that Maria and the children sang the song "Do-Re-Mi" in the movie. "DO-a deer a female deer, RE-a drop from golden sun, MI-a name a call myself....."

This is the background of Maria's house in the Sound of Music"I am sixteen going on seventeen...~"Nice scenery that we took from the busThe Mondsee

Taking Picture in front of the Mondsee
The Wedding Church Mondsee
Davin's Cabonara
My Bumera, the best pasta I had ever tried
In Mirabell Garden
This is the stair that Maria and children sang the song "Do Re Mi"

After the Sounds Of Music tour, we went to a mountain that Anthony said is nice at Untersberg, which is the south part of Salzburg. We went up by cable car. The whether there is cooling, and there are a bit of ice here and there. The scenery there is not bad. We saw a wild deer too, and guess what, it came to me when I sing with falsato!! Lalalala, donno real or not, but it really came to us. Just that both Davin and me scare that the deer will attack us, so we ran off,haha. After visiting Untersberg, we went to the Salzburg Fortress. We reached there kinda late, the fortress will be close in about 1 hour time, lucky sia... We had our dinner at the fortress. The dinner was so so only, better don try next time. =P
At Uttersburg
It's cold on top of Uttersburg
Those are ice!!!!
Another picture in Uttersburg
Nice scenery from the Fortress
People who are staying in the Fortress will get the water from here
Just a random and crazy picture

Yep, thats what we did for that 2 days in Salzburg. Nest stop, will be Inssbruck. Will tell you guys moer about Innsbruck in my next post.