Cantemus 2008 and Competition

There was a special or rather unique feeling when I was on my way back home yesterday. Not because of I am peeping on other people's sms (like what CH did), not because of watching people got scolded (lich CH), it's because of what I was listening. *opps, sorry CH...haha...*

As usual, once I got into NTU-pioneer shuttle bus, I switched on my ipod nano. Was listening to the songs that I've shuffled previously. This song was playing after some songs. "I've been in the storm so long, I've been in the storm so long children..." I was shocked. I never realise that I did sync last year concert songs, Cantemus 2008 into my ipod. This is the 1st time I heard Cantemus 2008's song from my ipod.

Without any hesitation, I played that album. Listening to Pasigin, Katakataka, Yamko Rambe... It was really a very sweet memory when thinking back every thing that NTU choir has gone through last year. It wasn't an easy year for me because I am lack of experience. Always out of tune here and there, scolded by Gerald, nagged by Chin Yuan.. I kept trying and trying. the whole experience is really memorable. I really miss those times where choir are so noisy in Ah Fang, inside MRT before and after caroling, singing together on the way back hall after practises...haha....yea, I know we were noisy...but, cant blame us what, our voice is our instrument, haha..

I miss Cantemus 2008. It was the 1st time I performed in Victoria Concert Hall. Listening to all the shouting, clapping, and cheering was really enjoyable. I was the main lead last year for second half. The feeling of singing and dancing and being the main focus for half of the concert was MARVELOUS! Something that I wont forget for life!

I miss Festival of Song 2008, Czech Republic. It is really something MEMORABLE!! I bet all of us who went for the competition will not forget any single thing of the whole process. No doubt, practises were tough, because we are expecting a gold. Every 1 met each other at least 3 times a week for practises. We had fun, we got scolded, we got nagged, we were bonded together. After so many circumrances, at last we were there in Olomouc, for the competition. I wouldn't forget the feeling when the emcee announced that NTU choir got category champion for our category. It was "undescribable". We were shouting, hugging each other, crying... Yea,,,i miss those times....

Haih, 1 and a half more months to go for our very 1st practise. I realy miss choir very much!!! I want to see every 1, I wan to sing with every 1, joke with every 1....