Pissed off

I am so pissed off by one of our marketting group member. I wouldn't say who is he, but he is just so so so so irritating.

Our final marketting presentation is on this Friday(tomorrow). We need to settle all our presentation slides, research, scripts and rehears before the presentation tomorrow. Yet, this person, always missing in action! We couldn't call him, sms didn't reply, things that we ask him to do always delay, giving lame excuses already time...

Come on, if you can not take the work load, or need some one's helo, you can always just ask us to help as well. Or telling us that you have many other things but not just keep quiet or mssing in action without any responses. This is just so irresponsible! Do you know how "ganjiong" we are now and yet, you still missing in action and have yet to send us the power point slides that you editted?

"Sry to say this but i suing if u wan me to do animation i can help but compiling i'm nt gonna do. tq." And you still dare to send KL this sms. We had preplanned all our job scope previously, if you doesn't like it, you can tell us before that. You didn't even turn up for the meeting, how can we know what you are thinking? You think we are the worm inside your stomach? You thinking that you are doing alot of works huh? F*** off!!!! Meetings, you always late or never turn up. Ideas, you always did contribute any. Works, yours are just copying how other people do. Presentations, we don need you to do so, because we alreasy lost our trust on you. So, do you think that you still have alot of work to do??????