Random post

Again, I am typing all these in HE220 tutorial. Life recently are kinda bad, erm.. as in a lot of things to do, a lot of date lines to meet. And it is really really not fun. Stupid 310 keep ging extra home work and presentations... ARGH!!!!! It's really not fun! And the presentation is so so near to examinations...WTH!

PHO210's assignment need to due soon and I still haven find all of my ideal pictures to print out. How How How? Need to worry about where to store my belongings after exam, we have to shift out soon...argh... Recently not that feeling well too. Feel tired, sleepy and eyes always red. Elaine said might be because of infection. Ok, we will see how tmr after seeing doctor.

Give back my peaceful day please...I wan it so so so so much!!!

By the way, to my Malaysia friend, I am going back to KL on 29th April, wee~ By flight wei... Recently air ticket are damn cheap, even cheaper than taking bus back to KL from Singapore.

K la, stop the crap, need to listen to the heck that he is going to say now...cya!