I am so lazy do update about my Bangkok trip. I'll update when I feel like it...haha...

Slacking all these while in the office. Really nothing much for us to do. Bought myself another earphone to listen to music and songs while working.

Was listening to Celine Dion and some oldies these days... Beatles, Carpenters, ABBA, Air Supply... Their songs are really nice! Relax and soothing. Looking for Beach Boys.

I love ABBA and Close To You from Carpenters simple because their songs reminded me of the concerts and the choir. I still remember some of the dance steps for those songs. All the guys in choir should have hated "take a chance" from ABBA, cause our part was just boring, keep "take a chance, take a chance, take a take a chance chance" for that part, dance steps wasn't easy tho.. Miss the time where KL requested the DJ of the party in Olomouc to sing Mamamia and Dancing Queen. The choir people don't feel paiseh at all lo, all go out and dance for both songs in front of all audience. But I can see, they were enjoying it,haha.

On top of listening to the songs, as usual, I am still FB-ing and MSN-ing...haha.. Aww...craving for steamboat~