Happy Dumpling Festival~

Siu bak zhang~ siu bak zhang... Yep, today is the 5th of May in chinese calendar, which is the Dumpling Festival of the year. Every 1 will eat bak zhang and have their "reunion dinner" with their beloved family.

This year, I am working part time in Singapore. At 1st thought of I wont have nice bak zhang and reunion dinner, but but but.. luckily, I still have my beloved aunt here in Singapore. Have been eating nice bak zhang in the pass few days, tonight will have nice dinner with aunt, uncle and cousins, wee~

Today, the Circle Line started to operate. I am so happy that Marymount MRT station is very near to my aunt's place, it's within walking distance. Although it is a long distance from my aunt's place to NTU, but at least, with this Circle Line, it helps to shorten my travelling time.

That's all for this morning... Once again, Happy Dumpling Festival.

*updated while working~*