Slackest day among all

Like the title, today is my slackest day among all the days I had work in MAE office. Basically, i have done all the things that are required. Further more, my supervisor is on leave from today until Friday. The other staffs have nothing for us to do. After checking what I've done for the pass few days, for the remaining of the time, I was MSN-ing, Facebook-ing and Movie watching. LOL.

So, what movie I've watched today? Haha, all are Pokemon Movies, there are Giratina And The Sky Warrior, Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew and Pokemon Ranger And The Temple Of The Sea. Haha...all are damn nice please!

This is the United States title for the 11th Pokemon anime movie and the second movie in the Diamond & Pearl trilogy.
Secpnd movie of the day is Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. This is a animated film directed by Kunihiko Yuyama as the eighth film in the Pokemon franchise. It is a story about the pass, now and the future.
For the 3rd movie, this is a 2007 Japanese animated film directed by once again Kunihiko Yutama as the fourth Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation film, and the ninth Pokemon film overall.
Haha, all these moview are available on You tube. Just go and search, you'll find it. ^wink^