Ding ding ding

Hello, it's time to update my blog again. Recently no home cooked food eat cause my aunt went back to Kl, sob~ But, she will be coming back again on Wednesday,wee!!!

Went out with friends during the weekend. I went vivo with Lilian. OMG!! Great Singapore Sales are making the Singapore Residents crazy. It was so crowded in Vivo. I can see every 1 is queueing to pay. Haha, I bought myself a pants from TopMan. The original price were S%79, now is S$29, so happy! Ate is Swensens with Lilian. I am seriously love Swensen's Salad Bar..it's nice!!

Visited my godfather yesterday. Treated him a meal. We went to Mel's Place, a western bar & bistro that is just few shops away from my godfather's shop. The foods were not bad, just a bit ex. But never mind, he had treated me very well, treating him an expensive meal is actual nothing from what he had given to me. Before I went back home, he gave me nice peranakan kuih and nice bak jang... I'm loving it!! I love peranakan bak jang, it's so nice...

Today started working again. Haha, I hate waking up early in the morning. But no choice. Whole day din really do much stuffs, most of the time were facebook-ing and msn-ing...haha.. Jia you people!!!