Birthday celebrations!

1st of all...many thanks to all my family and friends that spent so much of their time, money and effort to celebrate my birthday.

Thanks to the "sisters" for their dinner in Ma Maison, their companionship and all the laughters that night.

Thanks to the choir buddies who celebrated my birthday on top of SADM with the mooncakes, lanterns, candles and present. Thanks for the teddy bear that I received today too...

Thanks to Ivan for the necklace.

Thanks to Siew Hong and Hin Fei for the nice journey to Handel Bar and the companionship that night.

Thanks to NTU CAC Choir for celebrating my birthday after choir practice with that nice cake.

Thanks to the Poseidon for the cake, mooncake, laughter and dumping each other into the SADM fountain.

Thanks to Steph for the shirt, it reallt fits me. Forgave you for your late wishes, haha...

Thanks to my family who celebrated my birthday in 1U and the new spec.

Thanks to Steph, Esther and J-sean for the dinner in Italianies.

Last but not CG member who celebrated with me yesterday evening with the mango cake and donuts... =) Thanks!!!

Hope that I didn't miss out any 1...haha...MILLION THANKS TO ALL!!!!