I am going back to KL!!!

Yeap, I am now at the Budget Terminal, Singapore waiting for my flight that's depart at 315pm. Thank to the bus driver, I have to take cab to the Budget Terminal, she directed my the wrong stop to alight. Ate a hamburger, now waiting at the lobby.

The Budget Terminal is as crowded as usual, but the only difference is, some of them are wearing a mask, including me, haha. Yea, many thanks to H1N1. I just hope that every thing will be alright, I don want to get infected.

Flying to Bangkok tomorrow. these few days, Thailand's H1N1 cases increase drastically. It rises to about 158 cases today. But according to my friend who are working in Bangkok, she said every thing seems alright. There are still as many tourist as usual. So, i just hope that every thing is OK. Like I said, I don want to get infected. So, just pray harder. Stay healthy, eat healthy, sleep early....bla bla bla...