Nice food for 1 week

Yeay, I had nice food for 1 whole week (7 days). These food might not be fantastic for many of you, but it's already considered as good food for me!!

Last Saturday (11/7) - Cafe Cartel, Bishan. Ate with uncle, aunty and my cousins.Had nice pork ribs and salad.

Sunday (12/7) - Shokudo, The Heeren. Watched Ice Age 3 (3D) that day. Shopped alone in Orchard after that. Decided to pamper myself with nice Japanese food.

Monday (13/7) - Dian Xiao Er, Vivo. Father came that day. Dian Xiao Er is famous with their roasted duck. But that day, duck was so so only, but XO fried rice was nice. Sorry Sein Chyi for couldn't meeting her up that day.

Tuesday (14/7) - Shokudo (again), Raffle City. Father wanted to eat, so Ok lo. Had dinner there with father and god father. Haha, god father is there, so I can order without looking at the price. Had nice BBQ prawn with bacon, ice cream, Japanese pizza, bla bla bla...

Wednesday (15/7) - Pepper Lunch for lunch and Crystal Jade for dinner. Took half day leave that day to shop with aunts and father. God father tooth pain that day, so ate Crystal Jade's ramen for dinner. The $1 fish was nice~

Thursday (16/7) - Soup Restaurant (San Zhong Liang Jian). They are famous with their chicken and no doubt, it was NICE~ After that, had Bakerzin's cakes and latte for desert. I enjoyed myself last night.

Friday, just now (17/7) - Singapore Tourism Board had their Peranakan Food Fest opening at Clark Quay later. My god father have to be there, he is 1 of the VIP. So, my father and I went there to help out a bit here and there later. We had some peranakan food and after that had our dinner at Tung Lok Signatures. It was really nice! The fish alone is already cost $40+. Felt so pampered... =) After the dinner, we sent my father off...

Yeay, I enjoyed myself this whole week. Of course, spend quite a lot on foods and shoppings. Glad that my father is here, haha...I can eat like crazy... Oh...but I quite sad also...spoiling my diet mind, pamper myself for this whole week. =)