GoiNG baCk HoME~

Yo, once again, I will be going home later, 1130am bus, from Novena to Bangsar, KL.

At 1st, planned to go to Cameron Highland for a short trip and visitting granny. But, mummy say H1N1 getting serious wor, Cameron Highland got lots of Ang Mo, so, couldn't go. Never mind, just go back home walk walk, eat eat and sleep sleep lo. Looking forward on this coming Thursday, will go sing k with friends, craving for that...long time never go k box already.

I purposely stop my surveyor job earlier to go back home because I am gonig to work as Research Assistant back in NTU on next monday. Gonna relax before working like mad? Haha, looking forward for the circle line to start operate, then I can save more time...

Alright, its getting late...night!~