food, food and FOOD

Once again, my father came to Singapore. Most of my friend knew that my father come quite often and when he came, I will always have a chance to eat nice and good food that I have been craving for quite some times.

This week, what had I ate?

1) Ma Maison (Oh, I love their food especially the Napolitan Spaghetti)
These are some of the food I ate that day. Even though the pictures look dimmed, but the foods still look nice right? They are really tasty!!!

2) Kuishinbou - Suntec City

It is one of my favourite restaurant. That day ate a lot...sashimi, snow crab, lobster, dessert...bla bla bla...omg!!! They are really yummy!!! That day was lazy, so didn't take any picture of the foods.

3) Marche - Vivo City

Had nice lunch with my father and aunt before my father head back to KL. Long time never visit Marche....! I love the crepe, the soup, caramari....yum yum yum!!!

Today is the busiest day in my whole semester. 2 classes, meeting up FYP prof, Rotaract Club Installation (I am in charged of decorating the venue), MSA main comm BBQ, Lao Jiao gathering, P & G recruitment talk...omg... End up i couldn't go for some of the gathering... Sorry guys...