2nd paper...DOWN!

Aiks...around 10 marks of my paper gone today. 1stly, din do part of the section for 1 question and....din realise there is this "When there is no prior information about the population proportion p, then p could be set to 0.5" statement at the end of the formula sheet...darn...no wonder I couldn't get a proper answer. Time are just too limited, no time to "explore" the formula sheet.

2 of my friend that I always study with wont be studying with me in the library for the remaining of this semester. 1 had his last paper this morning, 1 had his "so call" last paper this afternoon. Sien, like what my MSN nick said, "Left the Ipod Nano accompanying me"!!! Who is going to give me motivation, morning call, accompanying me for lunch and hook seat for me in the library? SOB...

Need to pack my stuffs before next wednesday, cause I am moving out soon. And I realise, I have so so so so so much to pack!! Many things will need to give out, like my cooking ingredients, food bla bla bla... Who wan? Text me please...

Hopefully I will get a job really soon for this coming holiday... ~


14/4 - GV17 The Magic of VOice Production in the World of Singer (DOWN)
21/4 - HE220 Survey Method and Sampling Technique (DOWN)
24/4 - HE305 Environmental Economics
28/4 - HE310 Energy Economics