Wedding Ceremony

I went back to KL last Friday right after my HE312 presentation with my god father for my cousin brother's wedding ceremony. My briliant cousin brother who are working as a Judge are marrying my cousin sister in-law (have this word??) who are working as a lawyer. Match huh?? Why do I said that my cousin brother is a briliant? Because he is 1 of the recipient for The Bachelor of Jurisprudence Subject Distinction Award in year 2000. Then why my cousin sister in-law is a briliant then? Cause she chose to marry my cousin brother,haha!

On Friday night, I went to his house for buffet dinner right after I reached KL, which is about 10sth at night, WTH. Over night at their house because I need to be 1 of the 兄弟 to pick up the bride the next morning. Woke up super early in the morning the next day, 5am!!! Sien... But no choice, for the sake of KC (my cousin brother). We reach the bride's house that is located in Malacca at about 9am, luckily the 姐妹 were nice enough, din really sabor us.

Reach KC's house at about 12sth in the afternoon. After all the "yam cha" ceremony, we went to the church that is located at Kelana Jaya for the ceremony. KC were very "dai pai" lo,haha... Since that he is the Judge, he asked 2 police to "open the way" for us from Kepong to Kelana Jaya. We can even pass through the traffic light regardless on the color on it,haha. Luckily the police were there, cause LDP were super jam that moment. But, who care??? All the cars need to give way to us...haha... :P The wedding ceremony in the church were so so...cause I doesn't like that pastor, he were so rude...blek!!!
On that evening, we went to 1 of the restaurant located at Bukit Bintang at 5th to help them out ushering the guest. That few days, KL were kinda weird, jam here and there...sien!!! That night, there are about 400 people attended the dinner. Every thing were smooth and nice. Met lots of relatives that I din see them for ages. Of course...that night wouldn't be fun without all the camwhore section,haha...

The main character on that day:

The phototaking section: (wee~)

The big family

Making star with our fingers

With our foot....
Acting cool
Acting fun
Acting cute

Last but not least, to Kwong Chin and Karen, may GOD bless both of you all the time with good health, good achievement in your career and full of happiness. =)