My Bithday Celebrations!!

Yep, I know it's kind of late to blog about this. But no choice, have to wait for An Yi to send me the pics to blog bout my birthday celebration, all her fault...wakaka... Opps, hope that she is not reading this. =P

This year I have 6 celebrations overall. Although the celebrations was not as big as last year, but I do enjoy the times that I spent with my families and friends, and I really appreciate what they had done for me.

The 1st celebration was with the NTU MSA year 3 gang (except Sai Mun who are still in year 2). It was not a "surprise" celebration cause Sein Chyi asked me before hand when I will be free to let them celebrate for me. Haha, they were kinda bad, not only ask me to sing myself a birthday songs with different kind of version, they even asked me to bring my birthday cake to McD and ask the staffs for free drink. Of course, my face is not that thick, instead of asking a free 1, I bought 1, they were not satisfy lo.... That whole night, they kept taking the pictures of my stomach and ask me to descrebe my "master piece". For those who saw that before, you shall know what i meant...hehe..

The moment they asked my to sing birthday song myself

See, how bad were they. Wrote "Fei Zai" on my birthday cake, I am not fat lo please...

My birthday card...thanks, Sein Chyi

Thanks guys!!!

The inner side of my card. So, thats Sein Chyi

2nd celebration was with my families back in KL. Luckily my birthday fall on the recess week every year, so that I can go back and celebrate with my families. We had dinner in 1 of the lousiest restaurant i ever tried...sien! Why we went there? Cause my dad say, never try that restaurant before. Not delicious plus expensive...WTH! But never mind, the most important thing still the times that we spent together. I was happy enough to have a home made birthday cake from my mum that day (althoght I have home made cake every year).

The cake that my mum baked for me this year.

While blowing the candles

3rd celebration was with Pn Lena ( my f6 econs teacher) and Pn Toh (my disciplinary teacher when I was a head prefect). So happy that they did remember my birthday. They brough me to Desa Park City for lunch and bought me a slice of cake from secret recipe. wee~

4th celebration was with Chang Weng, Jayee and Shao Yoong. Should say a big big thank you to Chang Weng for his cake, food and drinks that night. Too bad I lost my camera, so couldn't upload the pics that I took for these 2 celebrations

5th celebration was with MSA aka cell group people at SAC. Although I kind of knew that there will be a celebration for me on that day, but I really touched for what they had did for me. They urposely went to SAC room earlier to decorate the room. Yao and Kit were nice enough no make me a very nice birthday card. I was really surprised for the art work, it's nice!! Received a nice back from them... thanks!

Make a wish, make a wish...

Thanks for the hardwork!!

Thanks yao and kit for just anice card. =)

Yeah, that bag is my bday present from them!!

Thank you for everything!

6th celebration was after the recess week with NTU MSA year 2 people. It was really a "surprise" celebration this time because I never expect it. Thank you every 1 for celebrating for me on their very busy week, and thanks for the mango pudding cake. =)


My birthday cake that day =)


Yep, that's all for my birthday celebration this year.


carol said...

so syiok lo~~~

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

Ya lor, I also don't have so much b'day celebration every most one only lor T_T...

ViNcenT said...

Haha....aiyo, 1 memorable 1 is also very good what, right???