More About Myself

Once again, I am updating my blog in MRL. Saw this is Eighte Tangam's (hoho, you should know who you are) blog, found it really interesting and quite true in some sense. You don mind I copy and paste it here hor...hehe


Suave and compromising. (mm, I think I am, at least, I tried my very best for this)
Careful, cautious and organized. (I guess I am, for certain area)
Likes to point out people’s mistakes. (Yes! Definitely! Sorry bout it, I am just born in Sept...)
Likes to criticize. (Mm...yea)
Stubborn. (I admit it, some times I am VERY STUBBORN in certain matters)
Quiet but able to talk well. (Quiet to strangers, talkative with close friends)
Calm and cool. (Er...don think so)
Kind and sympathetic. (Yes, I am. But I will always remind myself not to be too kind, it will hurt yourself if you do)
Concerned and detailed. (Should be...I think)
Loyal but not always honest. (TRUE!!!)
Does work well. (Not my homework...)
Very confident. (Mm....sometimes...Hopefully I can be more)
Sensitive. (Very)
Good memory. (Not for studies...haih...)
Clever and knowledgeable. (I don't think so~)
Loves to look for information. (Yes, especially gossips...beware!)
Must control oneself when criticizing. (Depends on I am criticizing with who)
Able to motivate oneself. (Not really)
Understanding. (Yes...if not, I already quarell with many people)
Fun to be around. (This 1 should ask my friends)
Secretive. (Yes,I am)
Loves leisure and traveling. (Come on, who doesn't like it???)
Hardly shows emotions. (Yes, I agree)
Tends to bottle up feelings. (All the time)
Very choosy, especially in relationships. (That's the reason why I am still single???)
Systematic. (Hehe...don think so, tense to be lazy)

LOL, this is what I think about myself. For those September babies, Try to observe yourself, maybe these are all your characteristics?? Enjoy!!