Why? Why? WHY???? (Quoted from Moonlight Resonance)

Why there are so many date lines to meet? Why there are so many assignments and presentations? I am sick of it. Went to Jessica's house and do HE312 assignment yesterday, reached hall at about 12am, tired. But, no choice, I still have to complete my part. Our topic is,

"In the light of the World Bank Spence Report and the Trinity Growth Theory, discuss the
metamorphosis in the Singapore economy since Independence in 1965."

Yep, other than discussing the Spence Report and Trinity Growth Theory in a more interesting way, we still need to write about Singapore's transform since 1965. Argh, it's 1965. 42 years are damn alot man!!! A lot of research and readings, faint* @_@

My HE312 paper need to upload in discussion board by 9am tomorrow, HE312 presentation is on this Friday. 1 maths assignment need to be done by this thursday, HE209 group assignment, Accounting presentation are waiting for me...WTH!

I am kinda jealous when look at Kwan Hui and Ariel's pictures in Sweden and Gasglow. Although not many pictures from Hin Fei and Siew Hong, but I know that they are enjoying themselves there. Argh, why I need to stuck here for all these stupid Assignments??

Yep, I am writing this post in MRL...again!! Wanted to do some research about HE312 assignment, but cant! Cause the stupid "dark fatty" and "gold fish" are on duty for my time slot. I need to jia jia that I am very busy, cleaning all the DVDs that had already clean and shiny all the while, act that I am checking on 24/7 server, sien~ How I wish I am lying on my bed now!

Life sucks, life sucks. Never mind, I am going back to KL this fri, hope that can get some quality time to relax and spend time with family....


carol said...

teng seng, hang in there.. this is our responsibility as a student.. once it's done, dont you feel that you have a sense of pride and accomplishment for completing your task?? jia you ba.. dont give up!! =)