Dish of the day: Red Sauce Vegeroni

Ingredient: Minced lean pork, mushroom, vegeroni, cheese, meat ball, oil, prego sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, sugar and special salt(from Vienna), hehe.... ^^

Step 1: Cut the mushroom and cheese in to slices. At this time, you can start cooking the vegeroni, because it needs some time to cook

Step 2: Fry the minced lean pork and mushroom

Step 3: After the minced pork and mushrooms are cooked, add in prego sauce, chili and tomato sauce, sugar and salt

Step 4: After the vegeroni and meat balls are cooked, put everything into the frying pan and fry together with the sauce.

Step 5: After it's done, put the red sauce vegeroni in to a container that is microwave reheatable. Put the cheese on top of the vegeroni and heat in the microwave. After that, the red sauce vegeroni is ready to serve.


Whei Yeap said...

=.=" ur blog has turned into a cookbook =.="

carol said...

i wonder when can i have some of this

ViNcenT said...

Wait la...sure got chance 1...hehe...