Not Feeling Well

I am kinda worry for my health recently. Lots of things that happened unusually. Previously, my left chest was a bit pain. It's not frequest, 1 days maybe 3 to 4 times. Went to see doctor, after the ECG test, its proven that my heart has no problem, maybe just muscle ache. Few days back, I was having headace for my right hand side of my head. I also donno the recently, I felt pain right after I woke up from my sleep. It had pain for the whole day. When ever I cough and sneeze, it's pain even more. This 2 days, I felt my left chest is more pain and it's more frequest. Even I am sitting and walking, some times I can feel the pain.

What's happening to me? Gosh!! i don't want all these. My mum was kinda worry. What I am afraid is what if I have cardiogenic shock? I might just "go" any time! I really don't want all these to happened. I just hope that it's pain because I am stress for exam, so after exam every thing is alright. God, bless me and heal me please...


13/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x
17/11/08 - Accounting
19/11/08 - Industrial Organization and Business Law
20/11/08 - Urban and Transport Economics
24/11/08 - Political Economics

(1 gone, 5 more to go)


Another Day Martin said...

I'd believe it's just ur nerves.... so no worries~