4 more to go

Just finish Accounting. How was it? See result lo. Was camping in library every day. No choice, sien also have to stay. 3 hardcore is waiting for me and I am still lagging behind for HE209. Din have much hope on it, sigh~

I miss home
I miss home food
I wanna drink soup
I wanna sleep whole day, play whole day
I wan.....wan.....bla bla bla......
Never mind, I more week to go....jia you every 1.....
13/11/08 - x x x x x x x x x
17/11/08 - x x x x x
19/11/08 - Industrial Organization and Business Law
20/11/08 - Urban and Transport Economics
24/11/08 - Political Economics
(2 gone, 4 more to go, hang on hang on....)